Monday, March 14, 2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia: nimam časa

Happy Monday everyone!

I love the mindset of missionary work - even after being a missionary for many months I still feel like I am learning the same simple lessons every single day.. It sometimes is frustrating, but I am remembering to be patient with myself. But I am so thankful for the simple lessons that we can learn as we humbly turn to the Lord. 

We don't have much time today - we are about to leave for a train to Croatia for MLC, but we did have a really great week. Lots of contacting and tracting, and a solid THREE REALLY GOOD LESSONS with investigators who are progressing!! 

Also, I had exchanges with Sister Redding, which was so great to work and laugh with her again.. 

We have an AWESOME new investigator who was found through contacting.. who we met with a few times this week. He has so many questions, and somehow our simple answers seem to resolve his concerns and he just BELIEVES. After our first lesson with him, we committed him to pray and ask if the restoration was true.. Our next lesson with him, we followed up and he said so simply as he shrugged his shoulders, "Yeah I prayed and the Holy Spirit told me it was true." IT WAS SO COOL! I don't think I have ever had an investigator say that before after just praying once.. he just so simply believes it is incredible. After we taught the plan of salvation he said -"So the only way I can be saved to live with God again.... is through baptism? Why are there not more missionaries like you then shouting and telling people that they will be in so much trouble unless they get baptized!" We laughed and told him that IS our purpose. He responded and suggested that maybe we start making billboards that say "get baptized or you'll be......." He is a little funny and a little strange, but is such a believer. If he will come to church, we are confident he will progress towards baptism. 

We celebrated the relief society anniversary this week with all of the Slovene women which was SO FUN - I am grateful for the strength of these strong sisters. 

This week I have been feeling especially so grateful for the atonement - I find myself still seeing so many weaknesses, but I am so grateful for an encouraging Heavenly Father. We had a lesson with a 15 year old girl we are teaching, who has been praying for a while and told us that she doesn't want to keep praying and asking, because she has not got an answer and she doesn't want to bother Heavenly Father.. It made me think of how even when we keep asking for the same things over and over and over again, or when we think we know better and don't humbly rely on HIS plan, or when we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and keep asking for forgiveness - he STILL loves us with a perfect love. And because of the atonement, we can be healed. Throughout this week the following words keep popping up in my head over and over again - "a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying." I am so thankful that we can constantly keep trying.. I am so thankful that because our Savior gave his all, MY ALL can somehow mean enough to Heavenly Father.. 

Talk to you soon!!!! Have a happy week - and soak in the sun, because *spongebob voice - 4 months later* we still are stuck in grey skies over here..  

Love you all - thank you for your prayers and love, I sure feel them..

z ljubeznijo, Sestra Nydegger 

Librarians help us so much with computers and printing etc, and overtime they help us I tell them, I have a gift for you in return!!! And finally today we went and gave each one of them one our favorite books :)

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