Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Here comes the sun!

Zdravo! Thank you all so so much for emailing me - I cannot express how much your emails mean each and every week! I always am overwhelmed with the love and support I feel - I sure love you and am so grateful for you. 

We had a great week! The highlight of the week was on Saturday, FINALLY the sun came out!! After 4 long months of grey skies, and who knows how many days of snow and rain - the sun came through this week.. I am so grateful for sun and the energy and vibe it brings to people.. It is finally starting to feel like spring :)

Okay a few things that happened this week -

We had MLC on Monday and Tuesday in Zagreb.. We had to go with a bus, but thankfully the public transportation here is incredible.. and we somehow lucked out with the top of the double decker seats, right in the windshield - so we had a beautiful drive for 3 hours from Slovenia to Croatia.... MLC was wonderful - my favorite part was singing "called to serve". That song STILL just gets me so excited about missionary work every time I sing it - far and wide HIS LOVE proclaims - love truly is the motive behind missionary work. 

Our investigator I told you about last week, is doing well.. he is still meeting with us :) This week he finally opened up and told us that he believes about 99% of what our religion is. I asked him what was the 1%.. He said the fact that we believe someone atoned for our sins. It is such a strange thing, but he feels like it takes away our free agency to act. Because of this concern, Sister Duffy and I have been studying the atonement as much as possible in all of our free time. This past week, my mind reverted back to a journal entry I wrote about a year ago. I was wondering if there was a difference between having a relationship with Heavenly Father, and also a different relationship with Jesus Christ.. I decided that I wanted to strengthen a specific relationship with my Heavenly Father, but also a specific relationship with my Savior. It took some time, but it is something that I treasure so deeply now with much gratitude! My Heavenly Father is my loving father in Heaven.. and Christ is my older brother - I almost imagine it, someone who really sees on the same eye to eye level as me.. It is sometimes hard to completely understand the atonement.. But I do know, that because of our Savior, when we have feelings of darkness, guilt, loneliness, or sadness, HE can heal us. Through his atonement, our nature can be changed. Because of our Savior, who atoned for us, Heavenly Father sees us as glorious beings, who are capable of becoming. Christ is absolutely EVERYTHING to our gospel.. He is a living Savior, who invites us simply to come unto Him, and be transformed and born again. And as a missionary, we simply invite people to learn of Him. I love testifying of my Savior to people.. I had someone ask me if I knew what I was offering as a missionary.. I liked that question.. My answer changes from time to time, as my knowledge grows more about the gospel - but one that has stayed constant, is the offering of a SAVIOR. 

This week for district meeting, our district leader just ended up inviting us to share our testimonies for the lesson portion. This meant SO much to me.. It's funny because I testify all day, and I share my testimony almost every fast Sunday, but it was so different this time. I don't think I have shared my ENGLISH testimony in a setting like that for such a long time. And as I shared the simple truths I know from certain experiences, the spirit overcame me. I was reminded of how THANKFUL I am for my testimony. It means so much to me! My testimony means everything to me, and I am so thankful for times that I can share it with those around me - that is one of my favorite things about missionary work. 

Urška left for Ireland today, so I had to say 'bye' to her yesterday, which was really sad.. She bore the sweetest testimony in church yesterday.. She said her GREATEST desire in life now - after truly searching for her purpose for 10 years, is to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ - she is such an incredible example to me of change.. I sure am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from her. Next time I will see her, will be in JANUARY in SALT LAKE getting sealed!!!!!! 

Wellllll I feel like I tell you this a lot, but I figure I will tell you again just to make it clear - I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY. I cannot ever express how much joy missionary work brings!! The joy that comes as you forget yourself in the service of others.. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS TIME! And I really love the people here so so much... it just keeps growing every day. 

LOVE, vaša sestrica :)

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