Monday, February 22, 2016

Lubljana, Slovenia: že sem stara

Dobro jutro in živijo! For the past three weeks or so, Ljubljana has been trapped in this fog and rain and FINALLY YESTERDAY it cleared up and we saw the sun! It was the highlight of the week.. It truly is the best when Sunday really is the sunniest day of the week :) 

My favorite part of the week was on Saturday.. Our lesson fell through which lead to the usual back up plan, CONTACTING! So we walked around center and talked with sooo many people. But my favorite contact was when we met 8 people from Dad's mission! They were the friendliest people and just kept telling us how different South Africa was from Slovenia.. Once I told them that my Dad lived there for 2 years, doing what I do here in Slovenia, they just kept hugging me over and over again. They addressed me four times in that contact as "my little sweetie.." It was the kindest thing! Sister Duffy and I walked away after that contact feeling SO loved... 

We also have been tracting a little bit more and trying to switch things up, and I am telling you - if you want to laugh your head off for hours or are ever having a bad day, just go into a huge tall communist-like apartment building in Slovenia, and go share the gospel. On Friday, we had not really been let in, let alone even got passed the line of we are missionaries and have a message... but on our last door before going home for dinner, a 95 year old lady answered............ she insisted that we come in - and after about 10 minutes she could not really even remember who we were.. but did not want us to leave. Or on Saturday a lady opens the door just a crack, explaining that she had no clothes on, another opens the door with a million cats, or one sweet older man kept trying to open the door, but could not get the door open because of the lock and after about 5 minutes of trying said he was so sorry but we would have to come back another time, or you have the people who answer the door and don't speak a lick of Slovene or English and you sit there trying to act out who you are, or the doors that open and you are immediately encompassed with smoke and can't see anything... Or a lady who you testify and teach about the Book of Mormon and when you ask her to start reading comes up with the excuse that she actually is blind and just shuts the door so fast. Or when you are sitting there waiting for them to open the door, and the hallway light goes off and when they eventually open the door, you and your companion are sprinting down the hall to get the light on and just end up looking like fools.. I'm telling you - nothing makes you laugh harder. 

We had MLC this week and also zone conference, where we talked a lot about the restoration. At MLC we were really trying to perfect our teaching of the first vision and President Grant had a few of us stand up and teach it in about 2 minutes with the recited first vision. And whether it was in English, Slovene, Croatian, Bosnian, or Serbian - the spirit was so present. We had some time to ponder about it and truly think that Joseph Smith really did see the father and the son. How incredible is that? And not only that, but he heard our Heavenly Father speak - "Joseph, this is my beloved son. Hear him!" I am so grateful for the restoration and for the many blessings that we have because of it. 

People from my MTC zone.
Also this week I was reading in 2 Nephi 28. It is talking a lot about Satan's power. One thing I have really come to learn on my mission is the reality of Satan. Last week, we knelt down with an investigator to pray and ask if these things were true, and while we were praying, she just stopped.. And said she couldn't do it. She literally said that her "words were choked and could not speak to ask." She felt scared. It was one of the most tangible experiences I have felt of Satan's power. In that chapter in the Book of Mormon it says that Satan will stir up the hearts in anger.. He will tell people they don't need the word of God.. He will tell people "All is well".. I really tried to apply that to myself. Satan tries to make companionships angry with each other.. or he will say all is well, go take a break, you've worked hard your whole mission, you can stop now! He wants us to FAIL. It is really sad, because we have seen the opposition really working on our investigators, and the are falling "into his lull." But what is also so amazing, is that we know God's power will ALWAYS overcome Satan's. 

Before Joseph saw two personages, he was overcome with darkness and fear. But he stayed strong to the faith, and because of that, he participated in the event that CHANGED THE WORLD. What would have happened if he gave into the darkness around him? If only we could be better at pushing out those thoughts from the adversary. "Pray always that you may come off conqueror, yea that you may conquer Satan." 

I am grateful for the power of strength. I am grateful that lightness will ALWAYS overcome darkness.. no matter how dark times may seem, that God's light will always overpower. 

Also, the Elders have a baptism this week!!!!!! PLEASE Pray for him that everything goes through! It is someone who has been investigating for 6 months and used to smoke 40+ cigarettes a day. Once again an AMAZING miracle and proof THE GOSPEL CHANGES US TO BE BETTER AND BETTER. 

Have a good week! 
Lep pozdrav, Sestra Nydegger

Attempt to cook steak

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