Monday, February 1, 2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Stand Blameless

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone :) This week was a little CRAZY - but nonetheless, still wonderful. Soooo President Grant called Tuesday morning during studies, and said that a sister was needing to go home and that there would be some "emergency transfers." SO LONG STORY SHORT Sister Higgins got sent down to Croatia, and I am now BACK in Ljubljana with Sister Duffy, whose companion got sent down to Bosnia! Change is great though.. and luckily it does not matter where we serve, but how we serve.

Going to miss the Maribor district.  Sisters and moving out!

Prettiest area I have served in.

Being back in Ljubljana is so great.. It actually feels like I never left. We are still teaching the same people that I taught when I was here and I am excited to work with Sister Duffy. We both love singing and music so we are always harmonizing and singing and laughing.. And the members have been so happy and so loving to me - but we will find out this week what will happen for next transfer! 

Linger Longers - ubiquitous church tradition!
Ok soo many amazing things happened this week.. Before Sister Duffy and I go to bed, we share our favorite thing from the day.. And we end up staying up and talking FOREVER because there have just been so many amazing things! 

So before I left Maribor and said 'bye' to Sister Higgins.. we had an interview! We got asked a few weeks ago if we would participate in an interview and so we got permission from President Grant, and told them we would love to help with an interview. It was such a cool experience! She asked so many great questions which gave us opportunities to testify to her. My favorite question was when she asked if we like Slovenia and how we decided to come here. I testified to her the power of missionary calls coming through our prophet.. And that I love Slovenia so so much, because I love what I am doing while I am here. Then we spent the rest of the day packing up the apartment and saying goodbye to Maribor!

On Wednesday (now in Ljubljana), we met up with Urška for a lesson.. After she realized she lost her phone. We searched for a while, but could not find it - so we decided to pray with her.. sadly we still could not find it and institute class was starting. About an hour later, Urška came out of the class and said I keep thinking I need to look in my car. So we went out to her car and OF COURSE.. we found it :) It was a great experience together and really showed her that God will answer our prayers. I am so thankful for the power of prayer. 

On Thursday, we went to have a lesson with someone who is still investigating.. but just not really progressing. She does what we ask, except come to church because she does not believe in institution. As we were walking into the lesson with her, Sister Duffy and I could tell that what we planned was not correct. We went and waited for a little and said a prayer, and we both so strongly felt that we needed to talk about faith. We got in there and asked her what she was doing to show God that she has faith.. she was not sure. We ended up having a really powerful lesson with her and we all felt dedicated to show our faith more to our Heavenly Father. 

This week during personal study, I was reading from the Book of Mormon and something stood out to me, that I have never really noticed before. I was reading in Alma 24.. And the anti-nephi-lehies did not want to fight anymore, so they agreed to put down their weapons. They had been brought to the knowledge that killing and bloodshed was bad.. and so even when they knew that people would come attack them soon, they did not want to sin anymore. They found it so amazing that God could forgive them of their sins, and they were SO CONVERTED to that.. that they would give up their lives. When the Lamanites came to attack them, they just prayed to God.. and it says that 1000s of them were killed. That really hit me. That must have taken so much faith. It really shows that the anti-nephi-lehies understood what repentance is. It made me think of how many times I have repented over and over again for the same things.. And after reading this passage, it inspired me to be more like those faithful people.. Who understood true repentance, and ended up giving their lives so that they could STAND BLAMELESS BEFORE GOD. We must become more devoted and more converted so that we too can repent, so that we can stand blameless. I hope to be better and follow their examples of true repentance. 

I am so thankful for repentance. The more I study it, the more I come to realize how important it is.. and how we are NOT TO PROCRASTINATE. It is so critical to conversion. I love that we are being told right now as missionaries to really focus on "preaching repentance and baptizing converts."  I love that because of repentance we can feel clean, we can feel guilt free, the burden of sins and unrighteousness are literally lifted off of our shoulders. What relief, comfort, and joy. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real - He lives. 

Welllll thank you for your love and support - you are my biggest fans and I sure love you! 
Love, Sestra N 

ALSO THIS WEEK GUESS WHAT WE FOUND OUT.. DAVID ARCHULETA IS COMING TO OUR MISSION TO DO A CONCERT AND THE MISSIONARIES ARE HELPING COORDINATE IT........ AND IT IS TWO WEEKS AFTER I LEAVE................. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh everytime someone tells me I should extend and stay so that I can be here for it, I tally it down and add a dollar to my Cafe Rio fund for when I get home.... so that I can eat something yummy as I cry because I wont be here... 

Notice our footwear as we cleaned the Church!

American food from Aunt Becky's friend!
district inside joke

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