Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia: KROF

HI FAM! This will be super fast today, so sorry if I don't get time to respond to everyone.. In Slovenia they like to celebrate the death of a long time poet, and they close everything down.. and run around in crazy costumes for the week long Holiday of Pust! And not only little kids.. but all ages.. ranging from 0 to 90.  They all dress up in awesome costumes this week - ANYWAY which causes us the need to email on Tuesdays.. 

But TRANSFERS... Sister Duffy and I will be staying here together in Ljubljana!!!!!!!!! I am now officially a Ljubljančanka... (I will still forever be a Celjčanka at heart though) Lots of mixed emotions but Sister Duffy and I are so excited to work together and give our all these next several weeks. 

OK some highlights for this week.. 

KROF and more krof!!! Pust is the holiday here that scares off winter and they eat soo many donuts.. And the prices start off very high, but then by the end of the week they are almost free! So we have been having fun with some yummy Slovenian donuts.. and with huge sheep troll like things running around.. 

 We sang "God be with you till we meet again" at church on Sunday.. And I cannot tell you how happy it makes me every time.. Not only because I am so grateful that I can be with these amazing people forever and all eternities.. but also because Slovenes LOVE THIS SONG. They close their eyes.. they sway their heads back and forth.. and they sing it with all they can.. It makes my heart melt every time! 

Funniest conversation of the week - "Hi we are missionaries and we want to know what makes you happy!" "Me??? What makes ME happy? Well if you were 75 and looked THIS beautiful you'd be happy too!" *walks off with her cheetah high heels and bright pink lipstick..* 

We had a powerful district meeting.. Where something was said that really stood out to me.. Elder Brown said how much easier it is to do something hard once someone says, "I believe in you!" or "I know you can do it!" And then he reminded us that HEAVENLY FATHER BELIEVES IN US... He called me to this mission and believes in me to have a successful mission here. I am called and set apart under his authority.. Shouldn't that be my motivation every day? As simple as it is, it is easy to forget. I love the simple truth that with God we can do all things.. 

I got an email last week reminding me to focus on the Savior's life.. To really think about him EVERYDAY. And especially to focus on his last moments of his life, because that is when he gave truly EVERYTHING he had. And I really have been trying to follow that example, and to finish my mission life thinking about our Savior and how he finished his mortal life. And it has been amazing.. as I do so I feel greater devotion to my Savior and find so much gratitude in his perfect character. I am so grateful for his perfect example of someone we should strive to be.  

"I must decrease, so that he can increase."

I truly feel that way. I have learned so much about being humble and letting Heavenly Father lead me and guide me. I have such a strong testimony that the more we put the natural man away, natural desires, and as we turn to Heavenly Father and let him into our life WE WILL FIND THE GREATEST AMOUNT OF PEACE AND HAPPINESS THAT WE COULD EVER FIND. He can mold us and shape us exactly into who we need to be. I invite you all to find ways to "decrease" even more - to change that one weakness into a strength with his help, to repent more, to give up something that is not align with the gospel - so that Heavenly Father can increase more and help us a little bit more on the path of progression. 

Sestra Nydegger 

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