Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Maribor, Slovenia: Slike!


I LOVE the feeling of Christmas time.. especially as a missionary. I feel so happy that I get to experience 2 Christmas's here in Slovenia, because they are some of the happiest times of my life. I love being able to focus solely on the birth of our Savior, without any worldly distractions. We witness so many miracles as we spread the good news of the Savior's birth. I think one of the greatest miracles I have seen, is the growth in my personal testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, as we walk and testify of his birth. Each day this month, I have really been trying to focus on my Savior.. what he would do, what he would say, how he would act, how he would respond. I am so grateful for a perfect example of someone we can constantly strive to be. His invitation to us, is simply to follow him. To follow his teachings, to be more like him. To repent, to love, to forgive, to LIVE the gospel. It is sad to hear how many people do not believe in God, or who celebrate Christmas but don't believe in Christ.. Or those who celebrate Christmas, believe in God and Christ, but have no idea what that means to them personally. But luckily, that is why we can use this time to DISCOVER WHY we need a Savior. And that is why I love the spirit of Christmas time... It is a time to focus on the things that truly matter, to strengthen our testimony of Jesus Christ, and a time to start again and make new goals. It is a sweet spirit of hopefulness and joy, and I am grateful for that. 

This week we went to Croatia for a 2 day conference in Zagreb. It was an uplifting conference with many new things learned. My favorite part was Thursday night, when we went and caroled in groups of 15 missionaries. As the majority of us would sing Christmas songs in Croatian, 2 missionaries would contact the people around us. We had many people stop and listen and take pictures. It is simple things like that, that spread the Christmas spirit. After we caroled we went back to the mission home for a talent show. We ended by all 40 of us missionaries, singing "I believe in Christ." There is something beautiful about singing in our English native tongue, with 40 representatives of Christ, sharing our testimony with each other, through a powerful song like that. It was powerful as we all sung with all of our heart, those profound words, I BELIEVE. "He came to earth to do the will of the Father.. he is God's son. He healed the sick, the dead he raised.. He sets us free from Satan's grasp.." And because of him we can say "I believe in Christ, so come what may."

Sister Grant gave a sweet talk about what gifts we can give to the Savior. She invited us all to pray about it, and focus on one thing to give him this Christmas season.

For our branch christmas party, the four of us missionaries sang the song "In the bleak mid winter." It's final verse, is beautiful and sums up what we can give to Him. "What can I give him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd, I would give a lamb. If I were a wise man, I would do my part. But what can I give him? I would give my heart." 

All of us can follow the example of our Savior in giving as He gave... and as we do so, we will see our own power grow as we become more like him.. And the greatest gift we can give this Christmas season is our heart. 

I love my Savior with everything I have, and I hope to give my heart to show him my love, as I invite people to learn more about him. 

Love, Sestra N 

We decorated the chapel / room for a Christmas Party!  We had 6 people (one friend of a member) and the Grants.

Maribor in the SUMMER!

Maribor NOW.

A random man wanted to work on his photography.  We obliged!

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