Monday, December 7, 2015

Maribor, Slovenia: Next on the district...

HI EVERYONE - this will be super short today because of transfers... which speaking of, I packed my bags and next time on the district...... MARIBOR :) And guess who is my companion - I am back with my little baby, Sister Higgins! 

I love change because it always provides growth and is exactly what we need, but I was so sad to leave Ljubljana... I bore my testimony yesterday, and told them that my favorite part of missionary work is being able to feel the love that God has for them - I know that God loves that branch sooooo much because I felt it so strongly as I served there. I shared my testimony that I know when we follow the simple principles of the gospel - praying, reading the scriptures, attending the temple, sharing the gospel, going to church - that we will always find happiness in life... no matter how hard times may seem. 

I loved Ljubljana!!!! I loved the big city... I love the weird smells.. I love the crazy traffic.... I love the members... I love all of my friends and wonderful relationships I have made there..... I love the tourists.....I love the CHAPEL!!!!! The "cute yellow church next to the fire house"..... I love the big sunsets over the castle on the hill..... I love using BIKES..... I love constantly sprinting for buses.... I love meeting so many amazing, crazy, loving, (honestly I can use any adjective here) people on buses...I love all the street performers, who most of them I have sang or danced with before.....hahaha... But most importantly I LOVED SHARING THE GOSPEL WITH THE PEOPLE THERE.... And what is so great about missionary work, is it is the same wherever we go... Missionary tag or not.. It is all about inviting people to come to Christ - by words or actions.. 

SO because of that, I look forward to my time serving in Maribor!!!!!

Love, Sestra Nydegger

p.s I will send lots of cute pictures next week.. I took a bunch with the members and things there but don't have time today to send them. 

this is where we go contacting a lot.. this is our good friend Bianca with us! Also.. look at the swans.. cool huh?

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