Monday, December 28, 2015

Maribor, Slovenia: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

HI EVERYONE - I loved talking with you all this week!! It is by far the greatest gift on Christmas. I am so grateful for you and for your love and support. I hope you all had a happy day!!!!! 

I am so grateful that I got to experience two Christmas's in Slovenia..  My first one I was about three months in, and my second one, about three months left. It is remarkable to see the differences between the first and the second. 

For Christmas eve, we went as a district and delivered oranges to many of the members here in Slovenia, and we went caroling to them. It was a HUGE full moon.. and up in Maribor, it is a lot like Avstrija with looooonnnnngggg fields.. It was so beautiful.

It was also a lot of fun to spread the Christmas spirit to many of them members! President also allowed us to go to Midnight Mass again. My first experience, I could not understand ANYTHING except "molimoooooo" (we pray)... And this year, not only could I understand.. but I also was able to appreciate the catholic church and the many true principles they have. I really have come to appreciate other religions and customs on my mission.. It really does make sense to me why we have so many churches on the earth - which leads me to find gratitude in Christ's restored church today. I am grateful that today on the earth we have the Church filled with all of the rights, truths, and powers that come directly from God.. so that we can make and keep commitments in His name. 

For Christmas my district decided to all do one of our families traditions together! So, I decided on Christmas PJ's!!!! We all felt like little kids again on Christmas, but we had a great time all together. 

Then the rest of the week was the normal missionary work! We did a lot of contacting and tracting, and decided to focus on PROGRESSION and why we make goals. One of my favorite things as a missionary is the goal mindset we have.. It helps us to constantly strive for improvement and to be better. I look forward to making goals for the upcoming year! 

Rada vas imam!!!!! Vesel božič in srečno novo leto!!!!!! 
LOVE, Sestra N 

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