Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Maribor, Slovenia: Cold Shoulder

HI "čuj ti, v mariboru si!" 

Maribor. Slovene. is. a. complete. different. language. 

That could describe my whole week! 

We, again, don't have much time today because the libraries were all closed, so really quickly I will tell you some of the highlights of my week!

Maribor is beautiful.. It is a pretty city.. But the weather has dropped degrees MAJOR TIME and it is SO COLD. I guess you could say we "got the cold shoulder this week." pun intended... But really I honestly don't remember being this cold last winter, and it is difficult to get people to stop in the cold but we are making it work.....

We started free hot chocolate again and we do it for hours and we are actually seeing a lot of success from it! We have been using the senior couples computer, and showing the "Discover Why" video about Christmas, and we have gotten a lot of people to watch it. The sad thing is though, is the church did not get it translated into Slovene, so we have to show it in Croatian or English, but it is working. It is so fun to watch people's heart touched as we remind them the importance of Christmas, and invite them to figure out who their Savior is to them personally. 

This week I was invited to put together a Christmas concert for the follow up crew from the Paul Cardall concert. The coolest thing from that was that the Priest from the Catholic church was there, and after one of the songs 4 of us missionaries sang, he told us he was very touched.. And invited us to go sing in the Catholic Church. So this morning we took a train to Ljubljana and got to sing in one of the oldest churches in Slovenia! 

Also, we are doing this outside Maribor project where we get to leave our area.. It is basically an experiment for the Eastern European mission zone and we get to go tract outside of Maribor. We are currently tracting in this area, on the border of Hungary and Slovenia.. which language is sort of hard there, but what is SO AMAZING is that those people there have literally NEVER seen or heard of our church!!!! They have never met missionaries and are really kind when we knock. And they are ALL FAMILIES! It is incredible. Yesterday a couple let us in and we taught them and their 6 year old daughter.. they said we could come back in a month after the holidays so we are really excited about that. 

This week we get to go to Croatia for a Christmas conference for 2 days!!!!! I am super excited.. We get to meet up with the Bosnian zone so it will be a lot of fun. I love the feeling of Christmas! Yesterday I spoke in church, and I taught about why we celebrate Christmas. I invite you all to DISCOVER WHY you personally need a Savior.. use this time to focus on Christ and the importance of why we need a Savior. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
z ljubeznijo, sestra najdeger 

Good bye Ljubljana!

Saying goodbye to my friend Urska!

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