Monday, November 2, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: What desireth thou?

HI :) SUN IS SHINING.. Which always makes for a HAPPY MONDAY! OK WELL - so many great things this week!!! I could title this email, 30 years, "put some elbow grease into it", exchanges, "what desireth thou?", pumpkins and more pumpkins, dan mrtvih, day of the dead, "what if".. Basically so many great things happened this week and I will try to explain it all zelo na hitro :))))))))))) 

I had exchanges with Sister Duffy this week.. This is only her second transfer, but she is such a go-getter and it was so great to work with her for a little. Our lesson fell through, which left us to an exchange of just contacting together.. but nonetheless, we still did it and saw such great miracles. We committed a girl from Moscow to order her own Mormon's book and to meet with the missionaries in Russia! While contacting, we also wrote down the names of those who committed to do something - whether it was praying as a family, looking at, pondering the things we taught them - we wrote down their names if they said they would do something. Which was super cool, because then at night we knelt down together as a companionship and prayed for those people by name. And we found a new investigator from it! 

On Saturday, there was a picnic with all the members in Slovenia...  On October 31st 1985 President Monson dedicated the land of Yugoslavia - and to commemorate that day of 30 years ago, we had a picnic and had different activites.  They broadcasted President Grant reading the dedicatory prayer given thirty years ago, by Elder Monson at the time. Since then, Yugoslavia has been divided into 7 different countries, 5 of which are in the Adriatic North Mission. My favorite line from the blessing is when President Monson said, "...that one day WARDS and STAKES may grace this land and that the Church may be a moving force in all that takes place. We remember Thy words to the prophet Joseph Smith, "Be not weary in well doing, for out of that which is small, becomes that which is great." And though we be small in number, now we recognize that with Thy help we may become great in number." I LOVE THAT - one day there will be stakes and wards here... and even though we may be small, with the Lord we can do ALL things and nothing can stop this work from progressing. He also talked a lot about the missionaries that will serve here, and something really stood out to me.. He said to "bless the missionaries to be men and women of faith and courage.. that they may be powerful in bearing their testimonies and that they may love the people." I really loved that and felt inspired to be more faithful and more courageous and to do hard things. The rest of the picnic was so so great as well.. It is so fun to see all my friends from Celje!! I am so grateful for all these relationships.. We had a soccer tournament, a Slovene BBQ aka waaaay toooo much GOOD meat, roasted chestnuts, and we did a service project for the refugees - we wore some German "helping hand" vests and made little kits with toothpaste, towels, soap, and shampoo.. which will be delivered to some of them soon. It was fun to see the members feel the joy that comes from SERVICE.

I am about out of time but really quickly to explain the last few things.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Last Monday, we missionaries got together and made some American pumpkin pie that did not work out hahaha and carved pumpkins together.. And then on Friday we had a young women's activity and did a little service activity and also carved pumpkins that were grown from their own Slovene gardens.. SO COOl! And also.. I was reading this week in 3rd Nephi 28.. I invite you all to read verse 1.. When Christ asks the disciples "what desireth thou?" If Christ asked us this question, what would we respond? Something really cool to think about! I would love to hear your answers.. 

With the Ljubljana Young Women!  I love them.
HAVE THE HAPPIEST WEEK.. love you all sooooo much, thanks for cheering me on!

"Day of the Dead" pictures below.

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