Monday, November 16, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: SPREMEMBNA


Lately I have been studying a lot from the Doctrine and Covenants. Because we don't have it in Slovene, I really have sort of forgotten about it. But lately I have been taking some time out of my personal study to read from it.. And I am pleasantly shocked about how much is about missionary work! I don't know why I have never noticed it before, but almost all of it is about missionary work. I have been writing down all of the blessings that are promised from missionary work, and my companion and I have hung it up on our door as a good reminder. We are SO blessed as we open our mouths and teach people about the joy this gospel brings.

One of my favorite promises that often gives me so much strength, is that the Lord will stand by us.. He will be on our right hand and our left.. He will be in our midst! A cute member sent me this picture this week, which I really loved.. And my companion and I often reminded ourselves of it this week as we were out trying to talk to people.

He truly is ALWAYS with us! And angels are often around us. It is so true, I feel it every day. And what is SO great is that we get to do this with a name-tag, or without. We don't just have to be full-time missionaries to find missionary experiences. They are always around.. even if we have to be creative.. And from my experience, creativity sometimes is the only way for missionary work :) This week I am so grateful for member missionaries. 

We have been working with this sweet young lady for a long time now. Sister Redding and I found her about 5 months ago when I first got to Ljubljana. We were walking home one night, and decided to contact one last girl.. She was walking fast and had headphones in - which made for quite an awkward start at the beginning. But the conversation revolved around singing, something we both like to do.  She was interested to participate in our branch choir. Three weeks later, she called me and asked to meet with us. I invited her again to come to church and "branch choir". She came to all of it.  We had difficulty with schedules for a while, but about two months later, we met up again for another lesson.  She was still seeking for answers to her prayers. We had a lesson with a member so she could relate better.  The lesson addressed every single one of her concerns. We all felt the spirit very strongly. Because of this she is scheduled for baptism! This wonderful friend and investigator is noticing that when she keeps the commandments, it really does make her happier. 

It is so true.. I am so grateful for commandments. Even though they may sometimes seem hard, God does know that they will always make us happier. I am so grateful for these faithful members here, who are so excited about missionary work and always willing to help us out. And most importantly, I am so grateful that God truly can change us, refine us into who we need to become. I am so grateful for the power of CHANGE. 

We also had the opportunity this week to sing at a funeral. One of the members mother had passed away this week, and he asked us to sing at the funeral. It was so interesting to see this member's perspective, and the peace he felt during this hard time. He kept saying over and over how he felt so much peace. It is so true that through the gospel we feel peace.. We know who we are, we know where we are going. We know that we can live with our families forever, and that we can return to live with God again. At the funeral, the missionaries sang "where can I turn for peace?" It was amazing how that song brought such a spirit in, on such a cold foggy morning. I am so grateful that our Savior always understands.. And I am so grateful for the unfailing love that he has for us. 

Some of the members in our branch!

This cute girl - Maja - will come and stay with us this summer!
Have the happiest week - and go do some missionary work! BE CREATIVE.. there are always opportunities out there. Thank you for your prayers - I am soooo grateful. 

Love, Sister Nydegger 

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