Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: "I'll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in thine"

Prijatelji in družini kak ste.... 

OKAY SO I forgot to look at my journal this morning and I honestly cannot remember what happened this week... I am so sorry.. But all I can think about is how my MIND IS BLOWN.. To all of my Princess Bride fans out there - yesterday we were contacting around the river and all of a sudden, Sister Robertson and I saw this HUGE thing swimming around.. It comes out on to the land and it literally one of those rat like things off of Princess Bride!! It is a rat, but literally the size of a dog.. IT IS THE NASTIEST THING OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! I tried to get a picture, but my camera died.. but honestly the grossest thing of my life I have ever seen. 

sooooo this week we were on the bus, on our way to center to contact.. I was sitting near the front of the bus, when this sweet old lady, a nun hopped on the bus. Little side story here.. the buses are a little crazy and if you are not sitting down, you need to be holding onto a rail for your life, or else you will fall right to the ground when the bus stops and goes.. I sadly speak from experience.... But because I was sitting near the front, and I could tell she was not as mobile, I got up and offered her my seat, and I would just stand and hold on to the rail. In the loudest Slovene, she says "God bless you for your kindness.. how sweet you are!" I smiled and stood up.. As the bus was driving, she reminded me of a child at Disneyland for the first time.. Just smiling at everyone and everything that would pass by! We would pass a building and in loud Slovene would yell, "Wow HOW BEAUTIFUL" Because of her expressions, it caused almost everyone on the bus, to be watching her and listening to her.. She soon asked me where a certain building was, which I didn't know, but a man in the back of the bus did, so he called up to her and explained where it was.. Every single time the bus would come to a stop, she would stand up and the whole bus would yell "Not here.. not yet.. not this stop Sister!" Finally her stop came, and every single person on the bus was telling her, "it is time to get off." She steps off, goes the complete wrong direction and yells again, "Wow HOW BEAUTIFUL!" My companion and I were laughing so hard at this all day.. one, because how many times I have felt so clueless like that sweet nun and just thinking Slovenia is so beautiful.. #SESTRAS FOR LIFE!!!! But also because she probably made her way into the Alps by now and is running through the hills singing "THE HILLLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC...." 

Other than that I really cannot remember what happened this week.. Next week I will be better.. 

OH we did have zone conference this week.. And the closing song, we all sang together "Od šel bom tja kamor zeliš." Zone conference was set up in a circle this time, and as we all sang "I'll go where you want me to go" for the closing song, tears filled me eyes and I ended up just looking around at all of the missionaries singing, and I started pondering the beautiful words.. I really do know that as we go where the Lord wants us to go, and as we say what the Lord wants us to say, we will become who the Lord wants us to be. That is one of the simplest truths I have really truly learned on my mission. I feel like I could give thousands of reasons on how I know that is true, but I can some it up by saying, that the happiest we will EVER be, the happiest we will truly ever feel, is when we do what the Lord wants us to do..  I know that with all of my heart..

I love you all soo much - Till next week :) 
LOVE, Sister Nydegger

It may not be on the mountain height
Or over the stormy sea,
It may not be at the battle’s front
My Lord will have need of me.
But if, by a still, small voice he calls
To paths that I do not know,
I’ll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in thine:
I’ll go where you want me to go.

Perhaps today there are loving words
Which Jesus would have me speak;
There may be now in the paths of sin
Some wand’rer whom I should seek.
O Savior, if thou wilt be my guide,
Tho dark and rugged the way,
My voice shall echo the message sweet:
I’ll say what you want me to say.

There’s surely somewhere a lowly place
In earth’s harvest fields so wide
Where I may labor through life’s short day
For Jesus, the Crucified.

So trusting my all to thy tender care,
And knowing thou lovest me,
I’ll do thy will with a heart sincere:
I’ll be what you want me to be.

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