Monday, November 30, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: All is Well

Greetings from Croatia...............bok..again. This has been one of the craziest weeks, but ALL IS WELL. I apologize that this will be short today - but thank you so everyone who emailed me.. I always feel so grateful for the amazing friends and family I have in my life! I sure love you all...

So PLOT TWIST! President called me on Tuesday and came down to Ljubljana to have some interviews. He told me that on Wednesday there would be a mid-period transfer and I would be opening another sisters area, still in Ljubljana, but training a Croatian missionary - Sestra VanWagoner. So we now have 4 sisters in Ljubljana which is a lot of fun! So I packed up all my stuff and moved into a new apartment, more in town center.. And my Croatian companion got here on Wednesday. I was sad to say 'bye' to Sister Robertson because we were having such a great time together, but once again I am reassured that this is what the Lord wants and needs - and plus I still see her around :) Sestra VanWagoner is picking up Slovene fast.. and it is helping my Slovene, because I need to teach the simple basics.. it is a good review. But like I said, ALL IS WELL! And I am also soooo grateful that I still get to stay in Ljubljana for at least another 3 weeks. 

Also this week.. it is officially winter.. the snow has come! Which is making the holidays seem closer, which is fun.. but also makes for cold wet feet, red noses, and freezing hands.. but we are happy! It makes you appreciate the warmth more.. plus my new apartment has heated floors - we are lucky :)

​(sister VW and me, first snowfall of the year!) 

The greatest miracle of this week was yesterday. We were able to finish teaching Urska all of the lessons, and had set up her baptismal interview so that she could be baptized this Saturday, the 28th. When we woke up to snow on Saturday, she texted us to pray that there wouldn't be too much snow so that she could still make it to church on Sunday, and have her interview. Sunday morning she texted us and said that they received about a foot, and because she lives in the villages the roads were not plowed and she wouldn't be able to come to church. We were so sad, but recognized that God does have a plan for her. After church she called me and said that she knows "God says no sports on Sunday, but I had to shovel for three hours! But I am coming now." She drove down and had her interview and it all went well! She is scheduled for next Saturday and we all could not be more excited. It has been incredible for me to see the changes in her.. spiritually but also physically. She is sooo incredible. 

Sorry this is short - we have to run to the embassy and do Croatian/Slovenian visa stuff today and then drive back to Ljubljana tonight.. But HAVE THE BEST WEEK AND EAT LOTS OF YUMMY FOOD!!!! I love you all so much and I am so grateful and so happy that I have the gospel in my life. HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND KNOW THAT I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU.. 

Love, Sister Nydegger 

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