Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: The Spirit is the Key

Soooooo we are on day 13 of rain......... Which also means, 6 times sprayed by a bus while walking around trying to find people... one time slipping down the stairs.. going through 2 pairs of tights a day because they are soaked... and no longer needing to wash my hair because the rain does it anyways...  Maybe in 27 more days my companion and I will be commanded to start building an ark and command these people to start repenting!! (40 days and nights of a flood.. Noah's ark??) Just kidding... One of the funniest moments of this week... during companion study the phone rang - we answered and it was the elders screaming and shouting because there was a crack of blue sky!! Poor Elder Frandsen, is čist new here.. and didn't know blue sky existed..... I guess that is what a winter in Slovenia does to you! 

Enough about the weather - another great week of missionary work! The highlight of my week was zone conference. We had a visit from Elder Charles, from the quorum of the 70. He is currently doing an Adriatic mission tour right now, and gave all of the zones a conference training. One of the things that stood out most to me was Elder Charles attitude about the Holy Ghost. He started off by saying, "The Holy Ghost is my very, very best friend. I am so grateful for the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life." Then many times throughout his presentation, he would tell a story and say, "the Holy Ghost told me...." or "I felt the Holy Ghost and....." 

We did an activity with our zone where we role played as a companionship... But all we could do was ask questions. We did not answer the question they asked, but would respond with just asking another question. He told us to ponder and take time to "reach heavenward" for our inspired questions.. He said not to be scared of silences. Sister Robertson and I started and I just could not understand how I was supposed to know what to ask.. It just felt weird to me and was not making sense. I remembered how he said take time to reach heavenward to know what to ask. Once I stopped worrying about what question I would ask next, and really started listening.... Words started coming to my mind being prompted by the Holy Ghost.. Deep inspired questions started to come to mind when I would ponder and wait. It ended up being one of the most spiritual experiences I have had on my mission. I felt the power of the Holy Ghost so strongly. 

After he asked us to share what we learned from that experience.. I raised my hand and shared that that experience really touched me. All of my companions know that I really do not like silences. Whenever we are contacting, I always try to keep the conversation going, because I have felt that if it is silent, they would have the chance to walk away! But I explained that I learned that the silence is GOOD.. and often times is needed. That is when the Holy Ghost can testify to their hearts. We must constantly strive to take time and let the spirit come and testify.  We need to reach heavenward and speak with the power of the Holy Ghost.

Since the conference, Sister Robertson and I really strived to speak with the power of the Holy Ghost and to listen.. and to be worthy so that the Holy Ghost will be present with us. The past few days, there has been a different feeling. There have been numerous times when we are out talking with people, that we feel the need to go back and talk to the person on the bench.. We are striving to follow EVERY SINGLE PROMPTING. Taking the sacrament yesterday, meant more to me.. Hearing the words, "that they may ALWAYS have his spirit to be with them." When we are worthy, we can always have the gift of the Holy Ghost with us.. We are so lucky. The companionship of the Spirit is something I hope to always be able to have with me. 

I know that these things are true by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am grateful for the sacrament promise, that we can always have the Holy Ghost with us as we keep our sacred covenants. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost, who can guide us in ALL THINGS. It is true that THE SPIRIT IS KEY! 

Yesterday evening, we were hopping on a bus to go home.. And I sat down by someone and started talking with them. As I was talking with this lady, the spirit prompted me to ask what her name was. I did, and when she answered, I realized that she was a less-active in the Ljubljana branch... someone that we have actually been trying to figure out more information about. She told me that she switched religions, and would not like visits from the missionaries.. but agreed to maybe helping us with Slovene. We are hopeful to get together with her again soon... I am thankful for promptings of the spirit to help discern!

Also... Sister Robertson and I came to a conclusion this week... A mission is the BEST thing in the whole wide world...... but we seriously feel so CREEPY all the time!!!! People will say they are not interested, but we call again in a few weeks to ask them again...  We have a map in our apartment.. with names and addresses all around it.. You call people and when they don't answer, you use another phone number to call them.. You try going to people's apartments and when they don't answer the buzzer, you buzz their neighbor and ask to be let it.. You walk around a house multiple times trying to find the door, looking for signs of families in the window.. You see someone on the street that you once talked too and sprint to them to talk with them..  soooo creepy.. but sooo great. I love it. 


Zone trip to Ljubljana Castle

I guess street performers now have to have an animal head.  We are so confused....!

Slovenia district service activity.. we played soccer - missionaries against the members!!!!! None of the other sisters would play.. so it was just me..... but it was SUPER fun yet superrrrrrrrr hot.........

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