Monday, October 5, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Round 3!

AHHHHH ADRIATIC SOUTH MISSION?!?! I AM SO EXCITED FOR DYLAN.....  HE IS COMING TO THE GREATEST LAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD.. The Adriatic Land - WE WILL BE SO CLOSE :) I have met so many people down from that country and Dylan is seriously EXACTLY the kind of missionary they need. 

Welllllllll this week flew by. We found out about transfers - I am staying in the big city for at least another 2 months.. Sestra Redding will be leaving and Sister Robertson will come join me in Ljubljana. She has been out for two months more than I have. And I am excited to learn from her and work with her! 

I have been reflecting a lot on this transfer and the things I feel I have learned. I was talking with Sister Redding about what we did together. Both of us feel like we learned some valuable lessons this transfer. We learned that miracles are there, they just sometimes come in different ways.. maybe different than we expect. Four things I feel like I have learned this last transfer are... 

1. The importance of being personally converted - it is so important that we are LIVING the gospel. This transfer I have gained a deeper testimony of this gospel and the plan that the Lord does have. I have learned that I want to fully consecrate myself to the Lord and His gospel.. not just now - but for a lifetime. 

2. We can BECOME - The gospel is a message about constant progression.. I am so grateful that we can constantly choose to be better, to become more like our Savior. I am so grateful that we can STRIVE for perfection. We use the terms a lot when talking about people we are teaching, whether or not they are progressing... But progression is not only for investigators, but it is for everyone! I loved in conference they said, "Pray and ask God what is keeping you from progressing. He will answer."

3. Repentance - If we want to progress, we must constantly evaluate where we are and repent. My testimony has strengthened of the Atonement and that even though we are not perfect, we can know that we are on the right path as we constantly repent and, with faith, keep striving to keep the commandments. 

4. Patience - I have studied this a lot the past 2 months, and it is a quality I really hope to one day fully obtain. To be patient with the Lord.. He has a plan, and we need to work on aligning our plan with his. And also, as we use the Atonement each day, it is so important to remember that those around us are also trying to be better.. They too are TRYING to progress.  And we must be patient and help them with their progression as well. 

For this next transfer, I want to continue using these things I have come to learn so far... And learn even more. I am excited to ask our Heavenly Father what I need to do this next transfer to become more like Him, to become a better disciple and saint of Jesus Christ, to be more valiant, to strengthen my testimony more, to follow the spirit and inquire our Savior in ALL things that I do.. To be someone that the Lord can count on, to do the things HE wants me to do. 

This week we had a cute activity with the young women about self worth and inner beauty. They loved it and we all learned so much from each other. Right before the activity started, a lady walked into the church. She looked a little lost and confused, and asked if she could go to the chapel to pray. We told her that we would show her the chapel.. that it was very simple, and that if she would like to take some time to ponder there that was fine. As I was walking up the stairs with her, I asked her sort of who she was, where she lived, why she wanted to come to the church. She told me that she lived in a place about an hour and a half a way.. where missionaries about five years ago tried opening, but it ended up closing. She said missionaries stopped her on the street and told her that this gospel gives them peace in their lives. She told them she was not interested in religion, and they all went on their own way. And five years later, as she has been struggling with depression and anger, she was in Ljubljana and remembered that those missionaries she met and talked with so briefly on the street, said that they had something that brought them hope. And she found the address for our church and wanted to pray in the chapel to feel peace. We taught her how to pray, and that God loves her and has a plan for her. We asked her if she would be interested in learning more, and although she said no, I learned and felt power from that experience. Although she is not interested right now, that experience was an opportunity for her to grow closer to Christ, and I know it brought me closer to Christ. And that is WHAT MATTERS.  That gave me strength to see that these people we are constantly trying to invite as we talk to them on the streets, really does "plant a seed" that one day will grow, when they are ready to listen. 

We were able to watch one session of conference yesterday. They played the Saturday morning session, and then someone from the branch translated into a mic what they were saying. The girl I told you about last week, said that she would come to hear our prophets voice. She texted us on Sunday and said she would bring her boyfriend as well! I leaned over after and asked them what they thought, and her boyfriend said something that really hit me.. He laughed and with a new light in his eyes he said, "You know, it's sorta funny.. Something in them makes you feel the need to trust what they are saying." He then asked if he could join some of our lessons to learn more about what we believe. 

I am so grateful for our prophet, President Monson and his apostles. It is true, that there is "something about them that makes us feel the need to trust them." :) They are called of God! I am so grateful that the heavens and revelation are not closed... We are lead by a prophet of God who speaks and communicates with Him, for the things we EXACTLY need to hear today. We must study the talks, ponder them and APPLY them. Applying these feelings and things we learn, will then provide the growth. There is truth and power from our prophet and his apostles. I know my Savior lives, and I know that the fullness of the gospel - all the rights, powers, privledges - are on the earth today.. And we must share it with everyone. I love the gospel with all of my heart. I hold this testimony, so close to my heart. I KNOW IT.. I LIVE IT.. I LOVE IT. 

I love you all.. I am so happy. 
Love, Sister Nydegger 

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