Monday, October 12, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: "I will give you hazelnuts"

Dober dan! As I lean over to my companion right now, and ask for a witty comment for how to start this email.. she says, "And it came to pass..another great week in Ljubljana." Missionary humor ehhh?? At least she thought it was funny. Anyway, a GREAT week here in Ljub! Sister Robertson and I are having a great time together.. It is really fun being with a companion who is close to the similar "mission age" as me.. we are having fun and working hard. 

Meet Sister Robertson!
Last Monday, before I said bye to Sister Redding, we decided it was time to achieve our last transfer goal we made together. I think I have explained before how she HATES running, but she made a goal at the beginning of the transfer to run a 5k with me.  She thought I forgot about that goal when our last day came around, but I told her I didn't and that we were running it! We called the Elders and they decided to join us #districtunityatitsfinest.. It ended up being super fun and we all did it! To reward ourselves after, we went and got horse burgers.. yummmmmm... Hahaha it was a good day.. 

Horse burgers!

We had an awesome member present lesson this week! It was so great. The member came and bore such a POWERFUL testimony. He said something that really stuck out to me.. He said, "I have not seen God.. But if he were to appear to me, it would not change anything. It is NOT something you SEE.. but something you feel." That really was powerful to me - the faith of these members here are so strong. I am grateful for them and their helps and efforts for missionary work. 

SO lately, I have been studying a lot about integrity. As I have done so, I have been thinking a lot about MOTIVES. What are our motives for things? In the promise at the end of the Book of Mormon, it says if we ask with REAL INTENT, we will receive an answer if these things are true. We have an investigator currently, who is not receiving an answer to her prayer. We sat down with her this week, and realized that her motives were off a little.. She does not necessarily DESIRE to know these things, so therefore is not getting an answer. She does not have correct motives.

I remember when Emily was getting set apart before her mission, our Stake President shared with her and our family the little poem-like thing and it is something I have constantly thought about on my mission. "Obedience is the price, faith is the power, love is the motive, the spirit is the key, and Christ is the reason." LOVE IS THE MOTIVE.. What if love was our only pure, true, real, motive? Sometimes it is so easy to be motivated by revenge, envy, greed, or looking good in the sight of others. But motives really do matter.. In the end, WHY we do things.. is much more important than what we do. I have found that it is easy to develop patterns and habits that we have previously developed - but we NEED to check our motives. Why am I out contacting and tracting doors? Why do we read our scriptures with our family? Why do we take the sacrament each week? The real intent of WHY we are here on this earth, is for our eternal purpose. 

The Savior is our example in EVERYTHING.. Not only in what we do, but why we do it. He lived a legacy of love and of true motives! There is a quote that says, "When others needs start to matter more than our own, when others successes are more exciting to us than our own, we experience the kind of love our Heavenly Father has for us." I want to strive to be that way.. 
I am grateful for that example. And I am grateful that the most important WHY behind everything we do, is love for our Savior and our Heavenly Father. I know that as we examine, and strengthen our motives.. we will be filled with an increased spirit and learning. 

HAVE A HAPPY WEEK EVERYONE!!!!!!! I love you all SOOOOO much.. 
Love, Sestra Nydegger

Lasagna for Elder Davis B-Day!
Our district singing!

Stuffed Bell Peppers are a favorite!

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