Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: "Weather is Changing"

Vreme se spreminja.. weather is changing.. This has literally been in maybe every conversation this week.. good old small talk about the weather when they no longer are interested in talking about the gospel yeah?? Anyway LIFE IS GOOD..  

At least the weather allows a new method for spreading the gospel!
So Sister Redding and I were feeling a little bored last p-day.. as the stormy weather changed our fun hiking plans so we decided it was time for some change.. So some little spontaneous spark in me decided to dye my hair.. Most random thing I have ever come to do, but I dyed my hair! It was dark for about three days, but now after a few washes it has faded almost back to normal. Since I am a missionary, I will pull out the inner missionary burning in me, and compare a gospel truth from this story.. Yesterday during sacrament meeting, I was pondering about how grateful I am that we have the opportunity each week to repent and become better. We are so blessed that even though we fall short and make mistakes, and that we are so far from perfect.. we can at least keep trying.. Each and every week. Just like my hair, we can sin and may feel bad, but zaradi evangeljia Jezusa Kristusa (or some good shampoo washes) we can become clean.. That was cheesy! but I really am so grateful for the sacrament each week. One thing that has helped me get more from the sacrament each week, is daily repentance.. Each night I kneel down and ask for help on the things that I did wrong.. I then look forward to the sacrament, to show our Heavenly Father that I am still trying. HvaleĹžna sem za zakrament! 

I have been thinking about the "worth of souls" a lot this week. There are so many prizes and titles in our world today that we sometimes forget the true meaning of worth. One thing I have really come to know on my mission is how much we are all worth in God's eyes. There is a quote I read this week that said something along the lines, that as we come to understand our worth, we will understand the worth of people around us more. It is so true. We have an investigator currently, who is someone who doesn't feel much worth in her home life. She always tells us how much she loves being with us, because we make her feel important. She feels like someone loves her when she is with us. I don't know how interested this girl is, and how much she will progress in the gospel - but I have learned an important lesson through getting to know her. We must always uplift those around us because we are ALL CHILDREN OF GOD. Because I know my worth, and because I know that I am a daughter of God, it is easier to me to look at those around me.. and recognize that they too are important and loved in God's eyes. We are not better because of a title, looks, popularity.. but we are all equal. We all need to be better at treating EVERYONE around us as a child of God.. someone with much worth. It is true that the worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of God. 

Inspired graffiti.
I have really felt that although it is so important to spend our time working with investigators that will progress towards keeping commitments or getting baptized.. I also really feel that it is also important that every person I meet.. every single contact.. or every person I talk to through the day - feels closer to Christ, and knows their worth because of me, whether or not they accept the gospel. As I have had this mindset, it has helped me recognize more who I am.. and the love our Savior and Heavenly Father has for each of us. 

My pal from the MTC - still in the same district!
Also.. ONE YEAR THIS LAST WEEK.. This has been one of the greatest years of my life. I am so grateful for the things I am experiencing.. Sometimes I feel like I never want this to end! Luckily, we trust in knowing that Heavenly Father does have a plan.. one that is better, and exactly what we need for growth and progression in this life. These are the things that are most important in life - I pray that I will remember these lessons za vekomaj!!!!!

Happy one year to me and this good old pal of mine.. stillllll in the same district hahaha 

I LOVE THIS PLACE.. we went for a fall drive through the Alps today :) LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!! 


I love this PLACE.  sLOVEnia.

One-year celebration!  Massive chocolate chip cookie with vanilla gelato!

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