Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: This week FLU by

So yes.. My district and their witty puns are finally getting to me too... But this week did actually FLY by with the flu.. sadly. Sister Redding went to bed pretty early Monday night because she was not feeling well, and she ended up coming down with an awful flu bug. I did my best to take care of her, like a good companion should :) And somehow was blessed to not get it myself! So we were quarantined for the first four days of the week... and finally on Friday she had enough strength to still attend zone conference.

After zone conference, I was heading up to Maribor for exchanges with Sestra Rhodes.  We have been secretly wanting to serve together so we were PUMPED!! She has such a talent for languages and is so amazing at Slovene, so it was so nice to be corrected and to learn from her. Plus we realized we are almost the same human, except she is like 6'3 and I am 5'3. But we had a great time together. 

Abandoned castle while we were tracting!
On Saturday, we had a lesson in the morning with an investigator from Maribor. And after lunch, we had planned to go tracting until 8:30 that night. So we decided to pack some snacks so that we had energy to keep going for the whole day. Sister Dutton sent me a package, that I got this week... with beef jerky, which ended up being a little tender mercy... and not just for eating :) 

Most cottages in Slovenia have gates around them, with signs on them that say, "pozor hud pus!" - "beware of the dog." Half of the time, Slovene's have that sign.. and we soon see a dog the size of a rat, with a tiny little bark. Other times, they are wolves mixed with bears. So we always scope out the yard before we open the gate to see which kind of creature is on the other side. Anyhow, we got to this one gated fence and saw that sign on it, and saw just a tiny little dog. So we proceeded to enter, and before we knew it the dog slipped out and started running down the street to the neighbors house. Sister Rhodes and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes... realizing we had to go catch that dog, because we wanted to avoid at all cases being yelled at in Slovene. We got to the neighbors house and the dog just stopped and looked at us.. We slowly crept towards it and at the same time Sister Rhodes and I looked at each other and thought, BEEF JERKY! So we pulled out the beef jerky to bribe the dog.. and Sister Rhodes is also a dog whisper or something, she started whistling and the dog came right to her. We lead it back home into the gate, and shut it. We then tracted the house, no one answered.. So we snuck out again, being sure to not let the dog out. As we sat by the gate trying to decided where to go next.. all of a sudden we watched the little dog hop through the fence.. walk across the street.. and then hop back right into the yard......... turns out the dog could escape itself..... well at least it made for a fun story. 

Sunday we had District Conference, so we woke up early and from Maribor headed back down to Ljubljana. The spirit was so strong and I love the feelings of strength and faith as we meet together with all of the members in Slovenija. The missionaries had a musical number, where the spirit really filled the room. I saw my friends from Celje too!! Which one of my dear friends from Celje told me this week she is finally able to make a trip to the temple to receive her own endowment.. This will be her first time at the temple.. I WAS SO HAPPY I ALMOST CRIED!!!!! It was a great day. 

This morning as I was eating my oatmeal, I was listening to "I believe in Christ" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. One of my favorite lines in the whole song, is "I believe in Christ, so come what may." I love that. With Christ on our side, the knowledge of the gospel, and our faith.. we can say "come what may" to all things. I love the knowledge this gospel brings. 

IMAM VAS RADA.. until next week!

Sestra Nydegger 

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