Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Round 2!

HI - SO FIRST someone please go grab a maple bar donut and a buttermilk donut.. and think of me!!!!!! I hope you are all having a great time in Newport with all the cousins, and eating lots of donuts.. Pastries and treats are sooo yummy here, but I would be lying if I said I was not wishing I was eating one of the seaside donuts right now! ;) 

We had a great week here in Ljubljana!! We felt like the men on "Holes".. It was up in the 100s again and all of a sudden it started pouring rain and was lightening and thundering and we all just ran out in the rain and soaked it in.. It cooled down for the rest of the week though which was so nice. 

So this week I really came to feel the spirit of Elijah and my testimony was strengthened of family history - this work is SO important. Sister Kropushek and I had the opportunity to meet with the Kropushek family here in Slovenia. And although Slovenia is the world's tiniest country and you can literally drive from one end to the other in 3 hours... there are only 2 big freeways, and the rest are little tiny streets through beautiful green fields and villages. We were a little worried because we did not have  a GPS and it is so easy to get lost on these skinny long streets. We prayed for guidance and help and we somehow made it. The spirit was so strong as we testified to her family and got to know them a little bit better. I translated into Slovene and we gave them a Book of Mormon. It was a beautiful moment and tender to watch two complete strangers, embrace as family. They gave us information of a cemetery and we found headstones with the KropuĊĦek name on it.. More information for family search!  

The missionaries planned a finding activity for the branch this week, called "Spoznate Mormoni!" or "Meet the Mormons!" We were able to get a copy of the movie, and had a member translate it into Slovene through headsets.. And we had some members share their amazing experiences. It was a little crazy planning everything, but it turned out being great. Only members ended up coming, but it was a good bonding experience. We ended with a testimony meeting after where the spirit was very present. I bore my testimony on how amazing the GOSPEL is!!! It is so wonderful, that wherever we are in the world.. Whether we are born in Salt Lake City, Slovenia, Nepal, or New York.. The gospel is the same. We are all brothers and sisters of our loving Father in Heaven. The gospel may be new in some areas, or be flourishing with temples and stakes in other areas, but it is all the same. We are all here with the same purpose, to return back to live with our Heavenly Father.

Fore-ordination is such a wonderful thing. I have such a strong testimony that everything that happens is because God has a plan. But I also have such a strong testimony that there are many things and purposes that we were foreordained to do while we are here on the earth. We were sent to earth to do things, and as we live correctly and faithfully, we will fulfill them. And although we do not remember our pre-mortal life, we did agree to fulfill significant tasks in the service of our Father. And as we prove ourselves worthy, we will be given opportunities to fulfill the assignments we received. Of that principle, I testified to the members here. That there is a reason they are here in Slovenija, where the church is so new. They have the capacity to help this growth and that we must all stay strong and work together. 

I know that there is a reason I am here in the Adriatic North Mission. It was a sweet experience to watch my companion, about to go home - in her last week of her mission, figure out one of her reasons she was here, as we found some of her family. I am grateful for divine inspired guidance from the Lord. 

We have transfers tomorrow, and I am staying in Ljubljana to work with Sister Redding! We were in a trio together, so we already know each other pretty well and I look forward to learning from her and growing together. I look forward to getting to know this branch better as well, as I am more settled here. 

Have a fun week in the sun!!!! I sure love you all. 
Love, Sestra Nydegger

Good luck to Hermana Stringham this week.. I love you Sar! Hurrah for Peru - you are amazing! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK to Eden... This year, we are celebrating from Ecuador to Slovenia.. WOOT WOOT! I love you! I feel so grateful for both of your examples. 

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