Monday, July 27, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Choose Ye This Day

Ahoj.. Hola.. Živijo.. Shalom.. Zdravo.. Ćiao.. Bonjour... Ni hoa... HELLO!!!! Those are just a few of the many languages I have heard this week while contacting. It seems like every Slovene we are trying to get in contact with, is out at sea... and every other person we talk to is from somewhere outside of Slovenia! We have had to adjust missionary work a little because of that, but it is still going great. :)

This week as a district we went out in the 102 degree sun and drew a big picture of the plan of salvation with chalk. We were all so sweaty, but very happy! We went to the biggest park in Ljubljana. it reminds me a lot of central park, and we drew almost a 50 foot načrt odrešitve for everyone to see! It was wonderful. People would walk by and ask what we were doing. Or we would stop people and asked if we could share with them what we were drawing. We had some amazing conversations. I was able to testify to many people of the perfect plan that our father in heaven has for us. 

Sister Kropushek and I had a goal for the transfer come true this week!!!!! I have been learning some Serbian from her and she is learning some Slovene. And we have finally gotten to the point where we can both understand each other when we are speaking our languages. So this week, we were contacting a lady sitting on a bench. And she said she was from Serbia, but was speaking Slovene. Sister Kropushek and I both got a smile on our face and I started teaching her the restoration in Slovene.. Sister Kropushek followed in Serbian.. and we fed off of each other!! It was PERFECT companionship unity in 2 different languages - finally!! We rewarded ourselves with some ice cream after :). 

Lately, I have been pondering a lot about how I can consecrate myself more on my mission. I want to truly give everything I have and I want to let my mission change me. In a letter I got from Dad last week, he reminded me of a talk from Elder Maxwell that I have been pondering lately. "Consecration is thus both a principle and a process, and it is not tied to a single moment. Instead, it is freely given.. drop by drop, until the cup of consecration brims and finally runs over." We first must appreciate our Savior, which will then lead to adoration. When we have adoration for Him, it will then lead to emulation. As we love the Lord, we will strive harder to be like him.

As I have been striving to do that this past week, I have been constantly reminded of the principle of agency. I am amazed how much of life is CHOOSING. We all choose to come here, but we are here to choose again which path we will follow, which road we will take. At the beginning of my mission, agency was one of the biggest trials for me. I struggled understanding why people would not accept this message, or why I could not just force them into the font to be baptize! But as I have learned more on my mission, I have come to realize that agency is one of the greatest tools we have in this life. We can CHOOSE to do what is right. We can CHOOSE to be happy. We can CHOOSE to sin and do wrong. We can CHOOSE to not be effective with our time.. We can CHOOSE who we will serve. Emily sent me a letter saying how on our mission, our choices and agency are the only things we have in this life that our Heavenly Father does not already have. He has our knowledge, our talents, our money. But the one gift we can give to him that he does not have control over is our agency and our WILL.

SO because of this.. I am striving to give even more. To do all that I can to give my will to Heavenly Father, to choose the right, to work harder, to pray more earnestly. And I am already seeing changes from it. I am so grateful for agency and the power we have to CHOOSE.
I love you all! I feel like the grinch sometimes on my mission.. The grinch's small heart grew 3 times its size!! I sometimes wonder if I even knew what it meant to LOVE before my mission... My love for the Balkan people grows more and more each day, my love for my amazing supportive family and friends, and more importantly.. my love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Thunderstorm during a service project.
Snails come big in Slovenia!

And the worms are a bit disgusting.

Neat caves!  Pictures do not do it justice.

Beautiful castle right above the caves.

Love our Ljub / Kranj district and making candy posters for birthdays!

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