Monday, July 13, 2015

Kranj / Ljubliana, Slovenia: Trust in the Lord

Pozdravljeni moja družina! 

Well CHANGE AGAIN - WOHOOOOOO!!! I am now getting my 6th companion in one transfer! Maybe the Lord is trying to teach me the importance of being flexible and going with the flow or something.. It's a good quality to learn :) So long story short, today I will say goodbye to my trio and Kranj.. And I will be getting a new companion, who is coming up from Serbia! She has three weeks left on her mission, knows Croatian-Serbian, and will finish her mission here in Ljubljana with me. I am excited!! I have learned so much from the "older missionaries" and their experiences... And I know I will learn so much from my new companion in her last few weeks as well.

Sadly, I do not have much time today to tell you about all the amazing people we met this week, but I want to tell you about this last week! Because the year is now halfway over, we have been evaluating our mission goals that we made. At the beginning of the year we set a goal to have 60-100 baptisms in the Adriatic North Mission. And now with the year a little more than half way over, we have helped around 12 people thus far. So we had to make a new game plan this week to figure out how we can still achieve this goal!!!!! When we prayed as a mission, we felt that those numbers were correct.. And just because we are behind, does not mean that those numbers are no longer correct. We had a meeting with the zone leadership and all made personal goals and statistics for how we are going to accomplish this goal. The spirit was so strong during that meeting, and it was a testimony builder to me, that the Lord was aware and present, and if we now truly rely on Him, we can do this! 

President Gordon B. Hinkley said, "In the on-working of this great cause, increased faith is what we most need. Without it, the work would stagnate. With it, no one can stop its progress." As a mission we have committed to trust more deeply in the Lord, and cheerfully do all that is in our power to achieve this goal. And as it says in Doctrine and Covenants 123 verse 17, "stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." 

WITH THE LORD WE CAN DO ALL THINGS.. I feel like I have said this a lot lately in my emails, but it is so TRUE. I know that when we rely on the Lord, we cannot and will not fail. He is our "strength and our song! I will trust and not be afraid." 

I hope you have a happy week! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS.. I feel them each and everyday. I am so grateful and I love you.
Love, Sister Nydegger 

(Isn't Slovenia perfect? This is what we were walking through last night while knocking) 

ALSO - Good luck to Sister Gochnour this week!!!!! I cannot believe she is about done with her mission. I feel sad that I cannot be there to welcome her home, but I am so grateful for her example and inspiring me to serve with all of my heart each and everyday! I LOVE YOU G!
Not sure what it is, but it works.
Scenery on the drive from Kranj to Ljubs.

Gandalf's Hors

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