Monday, July 6, 2015

Kranj / Ljubljana, Slovenia: Lift Up Your Eyes

Welll HELLO - It sounds like I am not the only one that is saying "WHAT A WEEK!" I love you Mom.. You are a trooper! And I am sure your crutches are looking super cute :) I am praying for you and that you have a quick recovery. You are strong! Well... WHAT A WEEK.. Where to start!!! The Lord is in charge of this work.. and when the Lord closes one door.. there is one waiting to be opened, according to His timeline of course :)
Now that I have two companions who are able to work, we have been working HARD... The trio is going so WELL.  A Lot of laughing and a lot of work! Each morning we get up and exercise and then head out at 10:30 in the 95-100 degree weather with the HOT humid sun.. I honestly feel so wet and so sweaty all the time.. but at least all the other people outside are also sweaty too ;) So it is okay. 

This week I have been working on memorizing John 4:35 - one of my favorite verses.. "LIFT UP YOUR EYES.. AND LOOK ON THE FIELDS; FOR THEY ARE WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST." Whenever we are having a long day without anyone really listening, I repeat that scripture to myself and remind myself to keep looking up. And this week was a week where the Lord reminded me that the field is WHITE, already to harvest! 

 MIRACLES ARE ALL AROUND IF WE LOOK UP!! This week we went back to visit the mother and son who set up a return appointment last week. And when we got there, she had treats and everything prepared and was expecting us to really come back! We walked in and she said she invited her nieces and nephews to come join our lesson.. We were thrilled! We changed our plan and decided to do a family home evening-like thing with them. We started with an opening song where Sister Christensen and Sister Redding and I sang "Families can be together forever." And then we asked all 6 of the children, ranging from ages 4-16, why their families are important to them. We then played games and laughed and got to know each other better. We got the Mom's number and we are going to go back again hopefully this week! 

Also a man we met in the same area, we have been back twice to teach him... He is the strangest, smartest, most interesting man ever. I am constantly just laughing when we are with him! He can never remember the name 'Mormons'.. So he for some reason likes to call us the Mermaids.. because that somehow is close to "mormonites"...?? But when we went back after his first lesson when we met him on his doorstop, he had read the chapter from the Book of Mormon, that we invited him to read, TWICE!!! We were so surprised but figured we would keep going with it and keep teaching him! He understood it and had some strange.. yet good.. questions. He is a good friend now though! He went to the sea this week.. and called us yesterday because he got us a gift.. and when we arrived, he gave us these bottles of water with sea water in it.. since we are "his mermaids" ;) 

Another miracle!! After English Class on Thursday, we announced to everyone that we had our family history night on Friday. And most of the students did not think much of it, but one girl, [YYY] - a brand new student that day - asked me if we would have family history night in the church. I told her yes, and while I was looking at her, I felt a CLEAR prompting to ask her if she would like to see a tour of our church. I asked her if she had time, and she agreed. We showed her around and then we took her up to the chapel.. One of my favorite parts in all of Ljubljana :) We sat up there and talked about our religious beliefs.. She is catholic but does not agree with everything that her church teaches. We talked with her about sacrament and repentance, and how we can strengthen our relationship with God. She LOVED that!! We then talked about the restoration and the priesthood authority and how we have the restored gospel that Christ taught himself, on the earth again today. She was understanding everything so well and loved the idea of it all. We then talked about baptism with her and she committed to a baptismal date for August 22nd!! WOHOOOO!!!! Although we were all hot, and sweaty, the spirit was present. She felt it and so did we. She is so prepared and I am so excited to teach her!
After our church tour and once she left.. My companions and I literally fell to the ground hahaha not sure if it was the heat making us crazy or the spirit :) But we kept saying that miracles are there if we just lift up our head to look and see them!! We said a very earnest prayer of gratitude, and gave thanks to the Lord, and His divine help to give us promptings. I AM SO EXCITED TO TEACH HER..
And it gets even better!! We had the most amazing conversations with so many people this week through contacting.. A lot of them were tourists, and were not interested in meeting missionaries where they are from.. but we planted so many seeds for missionaries one day to harvest.. We met a very strict Atheist from Spain, who at the end of our conversation, said that maybe God could exist.. We talked with literally everyone.. We followed every prompting.. And inquired the Lord in every single thing! We truly gave our all each and everyday, that by the end of planning each night we could fall asleep on the ground!
Slovenia is about to burst with the gospel!!! I can feel it! As a country, we put three people on date for baptism this week!!!!!!!!!!! Miracles are all around us if we LOOK UP OUR EYES!
P.S JOE BOB HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I hope you have the happiest day this week. I love you and am so grateful for your friendship. I put something in the mail for you today, so that should get to you hopefully soon :)

Thanks for the cupcake mix mom!
My friend at the Ljub Zoo!

Great friends from Celje!
Reminds me of my sister Lily!

Can you tell what my favorite shoes are?

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