Friday, June 26, 2015

Zagreb, Croatia: Hump Day!

ZDRAVO - ZIVIJO - BOK everyone!

Well..... I do not even know where to begin! Since I did not get to email last week, life has changed SO much! So remember when I said that Sister Dutton and I made a goal for this transfer to "do hard things"? Well these past two weeks have come to make that goal very possible to achieve! The past 2 weeks have been crazy! So after a few more ultrasounds, blood tests, and a gastroscopy.. they decided it would be best for Sister Dutton to go home for medical treatment. So last Monday we drove down to Zagreb to drop her off at the mission home.. 

And I was told I would be in a trio in Zagreb with Sister Jill Richardson (she went to college with Jordyn and Grace) and Sister Allred (who I was with in the MTC). I did my best to jump into this situation with two feet and it has been great! They even taught me some Croatian so I have been trying to speak it with the people here. I mostly just speak to them in Slovene, except for the few Croatian words I know - but it is working! Although, I think that sometimes it intimidates people when we have three of us together.. we are making it work :) 

This week was a reminder to me that Heavenly Father loves us and will give us little tender mercies so that we can keep going. The first one this week was the package from MOM!!! Thank you so much Mom. It was pouring so hard that day, and opening my package with rain shoes in it was the BEST. And it also came on the 24th so it was perfectly on my half way mark! Which speaking of - that scares me a little.. Luckily I got to celebrate it with Sister Allred as well! But I must keep working hard and give it my all! But we loved the camel and all of the half way treats.. THANK YOU.

A second tender mercy this week was yesterday.. We had planned to go out contacting and that morning I felt prompted to pray and ask to recognize someone I could speak Slovene with... We did a lot of contacting that morning where I usually just listen and do my best to understand.. but then that afternoon, we were standing outside the church, to give church tours.. And we stopped this man and once we started talking with him, he said that he lived in Maribor for 14 years! I immediately told him I live in Slovenia and he switched right away to speak Slovene. It was music to my ears!! I know that the Lord loves us and hears our prayers. 

I am grateful for the tender mercies from the Lord. I know that they are available to all of us if we try to seek them and recognize his hand in our life. We should never overlook His sweet tender mercies - but look for them and turn to him in gratitude. 

Well I am heading up to the mission home right now for the Slovenia zone conference here in Zagreb! I am assuming that I will head back to Slovenia to be in a trio there.. but I will let you know next week :) Thanks for your love, support and prayers!!!! You all mean the world to me!

Imam te rada!! Or how we say it here in Croatia - VOLIM TE!

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