Monday, June 8, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia: We can do hard things!


Greetings from the "city of love"- Ljubljana! On Monday we got all packed up and on Tuesday Sister Higgins and I left early in the morning to meet up with our new companions. The APs were sooo kind to us and had arranged for us to meet in Trojane, the famous donut town in Slovenia :) So Sister Higgins and I entered the address into our GPS and started heading towards Trojane. After about an hour of driving, the GPS was taking us through these beautiful small villages. Soon it told us to go left up this dirt road... we were confused but kept following it. After about 10 minutes, we were going straight uphill on a dirt rocky road through a forest in the alps. We were SO lost. Of course Sister Higgins and I were laughing and saying "this would happen to us our last hour together.."But when the GPS low battery turned on, that laughing quickly turned into nervousness seeing we had absolutely no idea where we were... So we quickly said a prayer and found the nearest place to turn around. We made it back to the main road and decided to just follow the Slovene signs to find Trojane. About an hour later we finally made it to Trojane and thankfully, still got to eat some donuts :)  Lesson learned.. do not follow a GPS that signals for you to go off-roading!! Anyway, I said a quick goodbye to Sister Higgins and then drove off with Sister Dutton to Ljubljana!

Sister Higgins broke her foot, so I got to take her to the hospital today!
Ljub is so different from Celje. It is loud and noisy. There are so many people everywhere! It is BIG. Lots of tourists walking around.. cars and buses everywhere! Lots of strange Slovene smells.. And it is HOT! I seriously feel sweaty all the time.. It has been around 90 degrees this week with 85-95% humidity! AKA.. DEATH!! Amidst all the differences, it is still the Slovenia I have grown to love with the amazing unique Slovene people :) 

Sister Dutton and I sat down and with weekly planning decided to make some goals for the transfer. Sister Dutton has been out one transfer longer than me, so we are both about in the same point of our mission and we really want to grow a lot this transfer. In order to do that, we made our main goal this transfer to "do hard things!" As we are out contacting or trying to find people, we look and think "what would be hardest for me to do right now?"or "what we be most uncomfortable for me?" and then we go and do it. And I am not going to lie, it is hard! I am constantly reminding myself of one of my favorite quotes from "We bought a zoo"

 "20 seconds of insane courage and something great will come from it."

Sister Dutton and I are being brave and doing hard things and following the promptings we receive.. no matter how awkward or uncomfortable we feel ;) Some of those things this week have consisted of contacting a big group of teenagers our age  who are focused on parties, having fun and not standards or religion. Or Sister Dutton and I go out of our comfort zone and do not sit by each other on the busy buses so that we can talk with the people who come and sit by us..Talking to literally EVERYONE! Or when we realized a man left his credit card on the bus, we got off at the closest next stop.. and sprinted in the blazing heat to try to find him to give it back. We are doing hard, uncomfortable things, that are stretching us to grow. 

I love Sister Dutton!
If we want to grow and change, we must be willing to stretch ourselves and push ourselves. We must give all of us! 

I love Elder Holland's talk about developing the spirit of doing things NOW. He says that we are not just waiting for natural slow growth - we must move rapidly and need to push ourselves and rely on the Lord to help us and be our anchor. He says, "If this is God's work, and if He still lives... then miracles and angels are STILL here. We must live up to our potential. God will bless us with whatever we need, God just wants us to see what He sees, and know what He knows." He continues on by saying, "We have got to take things to the edge. We have to move into the realm of the miraculous. We have to live in such a way that we cannot do it alone anymore, where we resort to the Lord, where we will cry, without thy help I will fall. Help me fly; Go to the edge where miracles happen. Move into the realm of the miraculous. Welcome to the apostolic work." How powerful and true is that? This is the Lord's work and like Elder Holland says, we must start doing hard things NOW. We need not to wait and develop an attitude of being comfortable but do those hard things N-O-W! 

Ljubljana chapel - only one of two in our whole mission - the other is in Zagreb.
I know that because the Lord is on our side, we can do hard things. We can be confident knowing that the Lord is our biggest cheerleader! Like it says in Romans 8:31, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" He is constantly our support. Through him we can do all things and be stronger than we could ever imagine!

WE CAN DO HARD THINGS! Have a good week and go do something HARD with me :) 

Love, Sestra Nydegger  

I love my new apartment.  This is my study area!
My Apartment.

Sleep over the night before I had to take Sister Higgins to the hospital!

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