Monday, June 29, 2015

Kranj / Ljubljana, Slovenia: "I Think I can."


Since I just emailed a few days ago, I do not have much to say - But zone conference was incredible! We spent our Friday P-DAY playing volleyball with President Grant and our zone. We also played tennis. And then that night we went up the street and played a soccer game with a bunch of Croatians! We then headed back to the Grants house where our zone had a talent show. We all sang missionary songs together while playing guitars and ukeleles, listened to piano solo numbers, and more singing! 

We then all ended with a bedtime story from President Grant. We all sat around as he read us the story of the "Little Engine that thought it could." It talks about these trains that were all trying to pull this big heavy train over a hill. Many trains rode right pass it, saying "the load is too big, I am not strong enough!" But eventually a little small engine train was requested to try. And as it tries it keeps saying, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!" And then as it reaches the peak of the hill and starts heading down, after successfully pulling the big train over, it says, "I thought I could - I knew I could." President Grant then retold the story using missionary terms. He talked about us as missionaries and our attitudes towards missionary work. Are we constantly telling ourselves that we can be successful? Are we constantly telling ourselves that we can do this, because the Lord is on our side? He then testified to us that if we have faith and tell ourselves that WE THINK WE CAN, we too will SUCCEED. 

After we finished up with our lessons and meetings on Saturday, President told me I would be heading back to Slovenia, to be in a trio with Sister Redding and Sister Christensen. Sister Redding has been out for just 2 months, and Sister Christensen a little over a year. They were both currently serving in Kranj, so now the three of us are covering Ljubljana area and also Kranj area.. So we are figuring it out as we go! We pulled another little mattress into our bedroom and now we are all very squished but it is FUN and we are HAPPY :)

Yesterday after church, we went out to an area for tracting in Ljubljana. We all took our new insight and revelation we received from zone conference and said to each other that "we think we can!" We spent about 4 hours tracting, and within those 4 hours we had three different people let us in! It was amazing! We taught 5 people, including a mother and 12 year old son who agreed that we could come back this week :)

I love the quote by Marvin J. Ashton who says, "We must strive for an ingrained attitude of self-confidence that will make us believers in self. How important it is in all our lives to develop an appropriate balance of confidence and humility. Proper attitude enables us to live in harmony with our potential."  As we think we can, and as we rely on the Lord he will help us find confidence in sharing this perfect message. As we are humble and put our faith in the Lord, He will give us success. 


Z ljubeznijo, 
Sestra Nydegger

P.S MOM, DAD, MARY, AND JOE - HAVE THE BEST TIME ON TREK!!!!! I am so grateful for pioneers and their incredible faith and their amazing stories. I am grateful for their sacrifice. Sacrifice is truly a demonstration of pure love. I am living with modern day pioneers here in Slovenia. About 90% of the members here, all are the first in their families to join this church.. and they are just like the pioneers.. except without handcarts and those other things ;) We may not be called to pull handcarts through snow, or to go miles without shoes.. but we are called to live and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ - just like those pioneers!

Pictures from my last day with Sister Dutton.  I hope she will feel better.

Hump day celebration.  Mexican!
I'm becoming the mission hair stylist!

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