Monday, June 1, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: I love you Celje!

Hi everyone!

What an emotions filled week!! Well.. I am leaving Celje. I am feeling absolutely heart broken, a lot of love, but so excited to start somewhere new. A LOT OF FEELINGS! President Grant came to Celje this week and had an interview with me on Wednesday and told me I would be leaving. It felt right when he told me, and I know that was the Spirit telling me that I have finished my work in Celje - for now at least :) 

Well.. I am being transferred to the big city - Ljubljana! The capital of Slovenia. I will be serving this next transfer with Sister Dutton. As sad as I am to leave a place that I have loved so much for the last 7 months, I am excited to grow and now serve the people in Ljubljana.

Yesterday they invited me in sacrament meeting to bear my testimony. I was very emotional as I looked around at these people I love so much. I watched many of the members also weep which was hard to see, but I mostly felt so grateful for the relationships I have gained. And also for the growth that we all have had together these past 7 months. We closed the meeting with singing "God be with you till we meet again." What a beautiful moment and song. I feel so happy knowing that God loves us enough to give us such a wonderful gift, where we can live with those we love for eternity!! 

An exercise suit gift from one of the members.  Now I will exercise in Slovene style!

Last dinner with Darinka before transfers!

I love Celje! I love the castle always in view.. the rivers and mountains surrounding us everywhere. I love how it dies down and not a soul is out past 7:00. I love the old European feel. I love the accordion player who plays every single morning outside our apartment and wakes us up before our alarm each day. I love the church bells that ring so loudly throughout the day that I no longer have to wear a watch because I have the chime schedule memorized. I love the pigeons we are constantly having to dodge so they do not fly into us. I love the members. I love the "characters of Celje" who have become my dear friends. I love the town drunks who bow down yelling "Hallelujah" every time we pass them. I will miss the windy 62 stairs (yes I counted this morning..) that we have to walk up and down multiple times a day, to get to our apartment.. I will miss our cute little church room at the back of the ghetto alleyway. I will miss running by the river every morning for exercise! And I will miss and 
I love my sweet companion, Sister Higgins - who will be serving here another transfer.. Celje is in good hands :) 

And more importantly, I cannot wait to love the people in Ljubljana!!! Change is a wonderful thing and it stretches us to grow and I am excited to see what this next adventure has to offer.

Se sliĊĦamo! Imam vas rada!
Lp, Sestra Nydegger 

p.s I have maybe a million pictures this week - get excited! AH I LOVE SLOVENIJA

Dog or horse?  Either way, it is terrifying.


Wind on the Adriatic!

I love my Celje district!

Yummy Adriatic mussels!

Piran town center.

Farmer's market in Celje.

My English class.  I will miss them.

Juan from Peru.  Also learning Slovene.

District - Ice Cream run!

I truly love Sister Higgins and will miss her!

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