Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: tokar želiš, dobiš!

OK FIRST... someone asked me this week if we see more dogs or cats roaming the streets... well to answer that question I took some pictures this week......

LOL - 12 cats in that picture!!!!!!!!! I still dont love cats, but it's ok..... they do their own thing, I do mine...........



Last Monday we had the funnest P-DAY!! We went as a district and the Ljubljana sisters joined us, up into the Slovenian mountains. We hiked to the highest peak in Celje and then rented bikes and did mountain biking through the mountains... THE WORLD IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!

After our long, tiring day in the heat, yet so much fun - I got on the train with Sister Dutton for an exchange in Ljubljana! Sister Higgins got to work here with Sister Erdmann for a few days. I always feel a little out of place whenever I go to the Ljubljana city!!! It is SO big.. I was laughing with Sister Dutton how you can actually stay out til 9:00 contacting, because people are always out in Ljub! 

On Wednesday night I got back to Celje and we had a relief society activity. We joined the four women and had a personality test. We sadly could not participate because I literally did not understand one word out of the 50 Slovene words describing emotions... but the women all loved it and we had a good time all being together. 

I am trying to remember what happened on ThursdayFriday, and Saturday.. but all that keeps coming to my mind is RAIN. It rains.. and rains.. and rains here. And it was thundering and lightening all night and day! 

On Sunday, I gave a 15 minute talk in Sacrament Meeting. I spoke about one of my favorite topics.. CHRIST-LIKE LOVE. I got pretty emotional for the first time on my mission, as I looked out at these strong members and testified of my love for them, and God's love that I feel for them. And also the love they have showed me. I told them all my first memories of when I entered this branch about 6 months ago.. and how I was nervous, but they all showed me so much love. More love than I would have ever expected on my mission. A cute member got up after me and had a talk.. and she spoke on the law of chastity, but at the end she bore her testimony and said that she remembers when I first got to Celje and how no one could really understand me, but that she remembers very strongly always feeling my love. It is hard for me to express in words what I feel, but I am so grateful for this branch here. I love them with all my heart. 

This week I had another tender mercy from the Lord reminding me that he does hear our prayers. I have not really ever received a referral on my mission and because they do not come frequently, we tend to forget about them when setting goals. But last week during weekly planning, Sister Higgins and I felt that we could receive 2 referrals this week. But we made plan that we would do EVERYTHING in our part to find one. We said we would ask every single person.. member.. contact.. neighbor.. EVERYONE for a referral. So we did! We contacted every single day this week and asked every single person we talked to. Every prayer we said together we asked to recognize someone that would have a referral for us. Sunday came around and we still did not have any luck finding a referral. After church we decided to walk far out for tracting.. we were tracting for 4 hours, and within our last hour of tracting, we had three people say that they were not interested, but that we should try calling "their friend.. or their neighbor who needs hope..or that we could knock on the person's door at the end of the street and they would listen" WE WERE THRILLED!!! THREE REFERRALS. They were not necessarily the kind of referrals we were looking for, but it was someone telling us of someone else that would be interested. It was a reminder to me that the Lord does answer our prayers when we show him our desires, and do everything on our part! 

As it says in Psalms 37:4 "Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." 

Some funny things from this week...

Me: So do you believe in God or what do you believe?
Lady: I am not interested in this, thank you!
Me: Okay, that is alright. Do you know someone who would be interested?
Lady: Um.... yes... her name is Sandra.. she sometimes walks around center... good luck finding her!
(since when did referrals become this game........)

Sister Higgins: Hi we are missionaries and we like to talk with people about what we believe. What do you believe?
15 year old girl: Umm, well I think some sort of energy exists.. super natural beings and fairies.. 
Sister Higgins: fairies?? well.. alright.... umm we believe in God!! 

You seriously get the greatest conversations with people when all you do is just talk about the gospel!! I LOVE IT. 

Hahaha I LOVE YOU GUYS HAVE A GOOD HAPPY WEEK!!! Thanks for your love and cheering me one - you are wonderful!!!!!


Caught without an umbrella!
So happy to have it stop raining on Sunday!

Spotted the Elders once when we were tracting - carrying an ironing board and iron!

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