Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: I LOVE YOU GUYS

HIIIIIII FAMILY!! First off, I just want you to know how much I love you. You make me so so happy and I loved talking with you yesterday. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleaders and for making me smile. I LOVE YOU!!! Especially you, Mom... I hope you had the best mother's day ever. 

We had a great week!! The week started off with going to Kranj, Slovenia for return and report. It is a meeting where we get together with all the trainers and trainees and "return and report" on our labors from the first month together. It was a great meeting and I am constantly learning so much from the trainees and the other missionaries around me. There is so much strength and determination in the collective testimony. Their "greeny power" inspires me to keep working hard and giving it my all. Once we finished up at the meeting, President Grant said, "Okay now we are all going to Lake Bled together, get in the cars, I will buy the Bled cake!!" We all thought he was kidding... but when we realized he wasn't, we made our way over and had a fun afternoon and night with everyone! 

A highlight of our week was our concert!! We have been wanting to do a concert for a while now because there is a lot of musical talent here in Celje. So we put together some musical numbers and asked some people to help us with it.. and then literally invited EVERYONE we know. Every single contact we had that week, we told them about our concert. Friday came around and about 10 minutes before there were only about 6 people there. We all were trying to still be positive about it and kept laughing. We went upstairs to make sure that the desserts and everything was set up and we said a prayer as a district, hoping that everything would run smoothly. After we went back downstairs, it was a MIRACLE!!! Our little small chapel/room was being filled in with people. We ended up having 48 people there! Only 9 of them were members.. It was AMAZING!!! I am grateful for the power of music and how the spirit is welcomed in through songs. 

Yesterday during church, the 2nd hour lesson was on Christ's mortal ministry. Our teacher said something that I thought was such a beautiful message for all of us. He talked about how Christ was always focused on his mission. His first recorded words in the bible are, "Here I am.. send me." Throughout his ministry, he said, "I must go about my Father's work." And then his final words before he died was, "It is finished." Even though he had trials and hard times, he continued on with his mission the whole time. He was focused on his purpose and what HE was entitled to do. What is our purpose on this earth? Why are we here, and are we constantly focusing on our purpose?

I am so so HAPPY about Jane's call!! Mexico will be perfect for her and I know she will love it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMILY THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Emily. Thank you for inspiring me to serve a mission and being an example to me of Christ-like love. I LOVE YOU!


My District - I love them!

My MTC friends - I love them too!

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