Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: Heavenly Father Knows!

HI EVERYONE.. Happy Spring!!!! This was once again a wonderful week and I am so happy to be a missionary here. As my mission plaque scripture says, the Lord is aware of us.. "whatsoever land we may be in" and we must always take the time to recognize his hand in our life. The Lord blessed Sister Higgins and I in many ways this week! 

Our week started off with a few lessons set up for Tuesday, with people we met last week. When all three of them fell through, we were left with a whole day of more contacting and tracting. Sister Higgins and I prayed that we could accomplish the things that the Lord desired from us that day. We walked to some of the neighborhoods and started tracting a few apartments.  After a few hours of tracting and no one really listening, a door opens and it was a man speaking very very rapidly... difficult to understand... but he was very excited and immediately told us to come in! We sat down and I asked him the usual beginning questions... "Have you heard of the church?" "What do you believe?" Due to his very fast speaking it took me a few minutes to process what he was saying, but he was saying he was a member of the church already! We ended up having an amazing 15 minute conversation with him about how he met the missionaries, when he was baptized, and so on. We ended with a prayer, and were very grateful that the Lord led us to find him on Tuesday.

As we were heading home to go make some dinner, we were walking through a neighborhood, and I saw a house with a yard full of bikes, soccer balls, baby dolls.. aka a FAMILY! I was quickly prompted by the spirit, being reminded of what I read that morning in Preach My Gospel. "Look for signs of families as you contact and teach." If that was not a sign from Heavenly Father saying, "Sister Nydegger go tract that house!" then I do not know what is!  We knocked on the door and a little shy girl answered the door. I started talking with her and asked if her parents were home. She said they were not. So I figured we would at least be friendly and talk with this little girl. I asked how old she was and she said 8 years old! I told her that I have a sister in America who is just like her. She squealed and with such excitement in her eyes said, "You are from America?!" I laughed and said yes. She quickly asked if she could tell me something in English. I said of course, and she looked at me and with so much confidence said, "You is beautiful!" She was so excited to speak the little English she had learned once. My heart melted.. I could not help but think of my little sister Lily. She quickly ran upstairs squealing (sort of like Lily's little giggle/squeal she does when she sees animals :)) But her 13 year old sister came down and we talked with them for a few minutes. As we were getting ready to leave, their parents pulled in. They were confused to who we were, but we quickly told them what we do as missionaries and that we have a message that can strengthen our families. We asked if we could come by next week and they said yes! So we will go over on Friday and are hopeful that they will progress.

The Lord knows us and we must always take time to recognize his hand in our life. I learned an amazing lesson that day, that sometimes our plans are different than what Heavenly Father has planned. And this is a lesson that is not only learned through missionary work and plans falling through, but also in our daily lives. Sometimes things happen that are not according to our desires or understandings, but with faith in Heavenly Father and his perfect plan, we can find hope in times of trial or sadness - knowing that Heavenly Father is always aware of us. His plan is perfect - and we all accepted that perfect plan before we came to this earth. His perfect plan including sorrows, failures, heart aches, but also joys, families, and love. How wonderful it is that we have the knowledge that Heavenly Father does have a plan... that is the greatest source of peace in this life. My prayers go to the Hirst family this week, I love you.

Celje Flag
Yesterday we had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting here in Celje. All four of us missionaries got up and bore our testimonies and there was a sweet spirit. I cannot express the love I have for the members here in Celje. As I bore my testimony to them about the knowledge I have that Christ lives, I was reminded of my first time I bore my simple testimony in the Celje Branch. So many of the women in the branch calmed my nervous fears for "my first real testimony in Slovene", but smiled at me and gave me thumbs up in the back of the room - helping me feel peace. And they still did that again yesterday..I felt the spirit of love and gratitude yesterday as I looked at our small, yet full room of such strong, valiant members. They truly are my brothers and sisters and I feel so blessed to be serving by their sides as we work together to hasten the Lords work. 

I love you all - thank you for your prayers and support.. I feel them each and every day!! Have a wonderful happy week.. "Have faith, have hope, live like His son.. help others on their way." 

Love, Sister Nydegger 

Pineapple Cobler!
Took Sister Higgins to the Celje Castle on P-Day!
No dead squirrels in the streets, just dead HEDGE HOGS.

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