Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: He Lives!

HI FAMILY...I am so happy you all had a good conference weekend and a happy Easter!! I thought of you this week as my sweet companion and I dyed Easter eggs together.. I missed doing that with all of you. But Sister Higgins and I did have a fun time together :) The only problem is that the eggs here are dark brown so we could only use a few of the dark colors to dye them. But we still had fun!

First day tracting!
So YES!! I am training Sister Higgins from Pocatello, Idaho. She is the sweetest. She loves to laugh and has a happy, positive attitude and I am so excited to work with her. On Tuesday, the 6 of us training, were waiting for the plane to arrive. When we found out it was delayed for a few hours, Sister Derenthal and Sister Allred (my MTC roomates) and I decided to go out a try contacting in Zagreb. And it was the funnest thing!! I would start off speaking Slovene to them, and when they would say they did not understand, Sister Allred would start speaking Serbian to them and when they still did not understand, Sister Derenthal - who is serving in Croatia - would respond in Croatia. And then we would all throw some English words in and somehow were able to communicate with the people in Zagreb using 4 different languages. We were having so much fun together!!! It was great to be with my friends from the MTC and see how we are all slowly starting to finally understand these languages :)

My MTC friends - Allred, Derenthal
We got Sister Higgins all moved in and then we went and did some contacting. We had many great conversations with people. Later we did weekly planning and poor Sister Higgins was so tired.. jet lag is real :) 

Also.. I have been brought to the knowledge this week how I really dont know slovene yet. hahahaha sometimes someone will be talking to me and sister higgins and I just look at them.. and then smile.. and then walk away... knowing that they had no clue what I was trying to say and they had no clue what I was trying to say. 

Because there are a lot of Catholics here in Slovenia, Easter is a big Holiday and a lot of people celebrate it. Except instead of celebrating it just on Sunday - they celebrate it SaturdaySunday, and Monday. So the past few days have been slow for missionary work.. because no one is out to contact.. but we still decided to go tracting and visit some of the members. For Easter here, there are some similar traditions, but also some different ones. One thing that I have noticed here, while talking with people about the resurrection of Christ, they really focus Easter on the fact that Christ died for us. They put up lots of crosses. Although I am so grateful that Christ died for us and I love pondering that thought, I am grateful for the knowledge we have this Easter season, that not only did he die for us - but he LIVES for us!!! 

Sister Higgins and I started off our morning study session yesterday by singing "I Know that My Redeemer lives." I sat that day during studies and pondered on those profound words. He lives to bless me with His love. He loves to plead for me above. He lives to bless in time of need. He lives to grant me rich supply. He lives to guide me. He lives to comfort me when faint. He lives to hear my soul's complaint. He lives to wipe away my tears. He lives to silence all my fears. He lives to calm my troubled heart. 

I am so grateful that not only did he die for us.. but that HE LIVES for us!!!! I know that he lives. I feel it as I testify to people.. I feel it as a listen to Prophets, who have the authority of God, testify to us the things that we must hear today. I know that he lives because he blesses me with opportunites to grow through challenges. I know that he lives because he has given me so many experiences, to help me become the person he desires for me to come. I know that my Redeemer lives.. what comfort this sweet sentence gives. 

We met with a member on Easter who has been to Jerusalem and Egypt and studies a lot about the Hebrew culture. He taught me something that I thought was so beautiful. He said in the Hebrew culture, when they are eating something and they are not done, the fold their napkin up neatly.. so that whoever is cleaning, knows that they are not done. If the napkin is just thrown on the table, the waiter will clean it up. But when it is folded, they wait because the person is not yet finished. And he compared it to when Christ rose from the tomb, he neatly folded his cloth up and placed it there for people to see. That symbolizes that he was not done!! His work is not done. And how blessed we are today, to be apart of that work.. Let us all be more fully disciples of Jesus Christ and stand by him in all times and all things and all places.. and help our Savior - because this work is not finished!!


Our new district!

Easter day 

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