Monday, March 30, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: Round 3!

Hi everyone!! I do not have much time today, but I will try to answer all of your questions... So TRANSFERS! Yes they are this week, and like my title says, Celje round three!! And Elder Davis and I will both be training in Celje. I am so excited. However I dont understand slovene yet sooooooo... faith??? HOWEVER I feel so blessed to be able to develop an even stronger relationship with the people here. I love this little branch and the amazing members in it. Yesterday we had an amazing sacrament meeting, and one of the member's gave an awesome talk. And he talked about how we are family in this branch.. I have one family on Floribunda Drive, Utah... and my second family here on 25 Peršonava, Celje :) I love Celje, and am happy that this will continue to be my home for the next few months.

darinka nasa clanica 

This week it rained for 4 days straight... It rained alllllll day and alllllll through the night.... which is sometimes difficult for finding, but we still did our best. And now Slovenia is sunny and SOOO green!!! Sister Brown would always tell me that I needed to wait for spring because the green would "burn my eyes.." And not to my dismay, she was not kidding!I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve with Sister Brown. She helped me grow in many ways. We were doing our last companionship inventory this week and we talked about how amazing this transfer was. We both grew and accomplished many of the goals that we hoped to achieve. She was so sweet and showed me how I accomplished all of my goals this transfer. She kept tract and showed me all the ways I grew and improved as a person. I am so grateful I got to serve with her - and for her example of humility. 

This morning Sister Brown and I woke up very early and got all packed up and we are now here in Croatia. She leaves tomorrow to go home. I will be here on exchanges for a few days, and then the new missionaries will get here tomorrow, and we will spend the next few days here in Croatia with them - and then on Thursday, President will assign us together and then we will take our train back to Celje. p.s. have I ever told you how great public transportation is here?! Our train went this morning all the way down to Macedonia.. Or our bus the other day was heading to Budapest.. They are the best.. We just always have to be careful to make sure we get off on the right stop, because if not we will end up somewhere quite unintended! 

With Easter being this Sunday, I have been studying a lot about Christ and his ministry on earth. Elder Holland said some profound words that I think summarize what I learned this week. "One of the great consolations of this Easter season, is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path, utterly alone - we do not have to do so." I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and I was writing in my journal about what I feel like I learned this time from reading it. My testimony was strengthened about Christ's tender mercies. I was thinking about how when you are writing an English paper, you make your thesis statement the last sentence of your first paragraph. And this sets up what the rest of your paper will be like. And like a thesis statement, at the end of the first chapter in the Book of Mormon, it says "behold, I will show unto you the tender mercies of the Lord." And that is what I really have become strengthened in. The tender mercies of the Lord are real. Because of him, we are never alone. Because of him, we can always be brave and do things that might seem hard. Because of him we can be clean from our mistakes and shortcomings. Because of him, we can live with our families and those we love forever. Because of him, we can find happiness and joy in this life. I am so grateful that because Christ suffered and died for us, we are never alone.

I love you - sorry this is so short.. But have a happy easter and general conference weekend!!!!!!

I am so grateful for the opporutinty I had to serve with sister brown. She has helped me so much with the language and has taught me much about faith. She is so faithful. 

Love, Sister Nydegger

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