Monday, January 26, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: Round 2!

Hi Fam! POZDRAV from a little cafe in Croatia.. or as the Croatians say.. Bok!! I am currently on exchanges with some of the sisters here in Zagreb. I got to drive a car today- which was SO fun. It is strange how much you can miss something as simple as driving a car on a mission. But you do... and it was great to drive today :) It took about 2 hours and now I am here until Tuesday night!! TRANSFERS!! So this week we found out that I am staying in Celje, to be a sister training leader with Sestra Brown. I love Celje and the strong, humble, amazing members here. I feel so grateful to be staying. 

This week was a busy, hard-working week! We got Sister Cuthbert all packed up and she is now on her way home. I am grateful for the things I learned from Sister Cuthbert and the training that she gave me. Because we have 9 week transfers here, President has us do the 12 week training program in 9 weeks. So I am officially no longer a greenie - WOOHOOO!   And now I cannot wait to keep working hard with Sister Brown. This is Sestra Brown's last transfer as well... so I will be sending home another comp! I am excited to work with her and learn from her :). 

On Sunday we had the first ever primary program in Slovenia!! We have two wonderful strong members in our primary- Ana and Zak. Over the last month and a half, Sestra Cuthbert and I have been going into primary with them each Sunday and helping them with the songs and learning some parts that they can say. With Sister Lambert's help (senior couple) we got a primary program together and worked hard so that it could be performed this Sunday!! I got up with the two kids and played sat on the ground and played a little keyboard and sang the 5 Slovene primary songs with them- followed with their simple testimonies. I love the sweet special spirit you feel from the simple testimonies of children. Their happy, hopeful testimonies, bring hope to those who hear them. 

Cute Olga - spoke in church from a scroll!  I'm teaching her the piano.

Milica - peace out!
This week I have been thinking a lot about children.. (maybe it is because I am child deprived and miss my siblings..:)) But I have been pondering about children and the importance of them. We are commanded multiple times in the scriptures to "become like a little child." I have thought about that a lot this last week and what it means to become like a little child. I think it means to be submissive, to be hopeful, to have dreams, to be happy and find joy in simple things, and to rely on the Lord. When children are first born, they always want their mother. They rely on their mother for EVERYTHING. I think that is how Heavenly Father wants it for us, as HIS children. He wants us to be submissive to His will. To be hopeful and find peace through the Atonement. He wants us to be like a child and rely on him, and constantly yearn for him and the spirit of the gospel. 

Cutest boy that lives below me!
One of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon is 3rd Nephi chapter 17 when Christ blesses the children. In verse 21 we read that He took them one-by-one and blessed them. He prayed for them. And he wept because he was overcome with JOY. Christ was ministering to around 2,500 men and women.. I imagine that it must have taken quite some time to sit there and bless them all one by one. It shows just how important the children are in his sight. It reminds me of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. One of the simplest truths I testify to people all day as we contact, is that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and we are His children. That is such a hopeful thought. As I testify about that principle to people, I love to watch them ponder that thought - that they are loved and important in someone's eyes. Just like when Christ wept when he was with the Nephites, our Heavenly Father weeps for us too. He weeps when we suffer and rejoices when we do what is right. He knows and loves us more than we can ever imagine. 

One morning this last week after I had exercised, I opened the window and was looking at the beautiful country of Slovenia. I was looking over the foggy mountains, and watching the sun rise over the castle, and I felt so much peace. I felt so much love from my Heavenly Father- that he is pleased with my efforts. I know that He knows me. He knows my wants and desires. He knows my heart and my weaknesses. Because he loves me, he is helping me to become humble so that I can learn more and become stronger in his eyes. As I sat there pondering that thought, looking over the beautiful mountains, I felt so much gratitude for the love that he has for us. 

He knows us by name, and loves us - what a beautiful thought. I am so grateful for the love He offers us. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have, that I am a daughter of God. We are his children. I love you all. Strive to recognize and feel God's love He has to offer. I know that you will be happier- more than you could ever image. I am so happy. 

I love you..  Sestra Nydegger <3 

Cute Albanian family that lives by me.  They made me these cute slippers!

Came across this beautiful cemetery when tracting in the mountains. 

when you accidently match with your umbrellaaaaa haaaaloooooooo 

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