Monday, January 12, 2015

Celje, Slovenia: Have a Vision.

HI WE HAVE NO TIME TODAY... We decided to be a little adventurous (or call it crazy) today, and woke up at 4am and took a train and spent the day at Lake Bled. We met up with the Kranj and Ljubljana elders and sisters and had a wonderful time. And I know I say this every week, but I am living in the most BEAUTIFUL country!!! I love it here. Ahhh HEAVEN! 

Lake Bled at sunrise.

This week I went on exchanges with Sestra Dutton. She has been out one transfer more than me, so we had a lot of fun trying to communicate and get our way around Celje. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to go on exchanges with her and for the things she taught me. Because we don't currently have any investigators- Sister Dutton and I decided to contact and tract ALL day long. At first it was just funny.. because LITERALLY no one would listen to us. But we decided instead of giving up because of discouragement, to keep pressing forward and keep the faith. We hiked up the snowy roads by the Celje Castle, because there are more homes there. While we tried many doors with people not wanting to hear our message, we kept going. We knocked on one door and a little lady answered and grabbed our arms and said "AHHH- Misijionari, pridi!!! Čaj, čaj!!" She welcomed us in and immediately started making us tea. We were both feeling so excited because after trying ALL day, we finally got in a house!! And getting into any house here is GOOD news! As we sat and talked with her for a little, her husband entered the room. He sat down and we asked them how they knew the missionaries. This man took the missionary lessons about 15 years ago. The missionaries also taught him English. He told us that he found our beliefs very beautiful and interesting... but did not want to change his life. Even though it is hard to hear that, we need to respect those feelings and continue sharing our love, so we decided to stay and talk with him a little more. 

He has one of the most beautiful inspiring stories I have ever heard. He has four kids and about 30 years ago, he got in a paragliding accident. He was a paraglider his whole life.. and when he got in this accident, he was told that he would be paralyzed waist down for the rest of his life. One of his daughters is mentally handicap, and when he was in a coma for 14 days, he remembers his daughter coming up and stroking his hand. While he was laying there, unable to move.. he told himself that he would NOT let this accident define him. He had a vision of where he wanted his life and how he saw his life in the future. When he was coming out of the hospital, after a long time of therapy, many doctors told him that he would never regain strength and that his life would be very hard. Many people would tell him that, but he said that he had a vision and he had to be a father who could take care of his daughter. He tried going to physical therapy, but the people there would tell him the same thing. That it was not worth trying. But because of his vision in life, he did not give up. And now 26 years later- He is in his 60s and paragliding once again. He has full movement of his body, and is now a successful photographer, winning many awards- all because he had a VISION. 

As we were getting ready to leave his house, I told him that he was such an inspiration to me. The importance of having a VISION is so important in this world today. And even more crucial as a missionary. Even though, people might not listen to us... and they say they don't need our message, I need a vision. Because with hope and faith... those visions can help motivate us to do more what Christ would have us do- according to his timing. I walked out of that door and decided that I need a vision of my mission and the people here in Slovenia. I need to find faith in people that I invite to hear our message. It is very easy for me to sometimes assume that people won't be interested, after trying and trying and being rejected. But I know that if I can keep a vision with every single person I talk to, I will start to see success within the Lord's timing and His ways. And now even though my friend I met that day says he is not interested in our message.. I can smile and say, "Well- I have a vision!" ..And continue on with FAITH and HOPE. Sister Dutton and I walked out with a new outlook of faith and having a vision. I am grateful for this man and for what he taught me. He also gave me a book of his story and his photography in it.. And although I cannot understand all the Slovene words right now, I have a vision and will be able to read and understand it all soon- with the Lord's help :) 

And I am so happy to say that this vision has helped me even more this week!! Sestra Dutton and I were able to get into another persons door while tracting... 2 in one day which is AMAZING! They didn't want us to teach a lesson, but they loved hearing about America and feeding us Slovene food. I also testified to them of why I came on a mission and what the gospel means to me. This family also had a huge farm with 12 cows and wanted us to try milking them.. but we said we would come back another day :) We also met a lady on the street this week who actually listened to us instead of walking away when we said we were missionaries!! And we invited her to come to church.. And she came!! And last night we taught her the restoration.. And she told us that she is already orthodox and does not want to change.. but with the vision that we have, we are hopeful and ready to keep relying on the Lord and hopefully watch this lady become a progressing investigator!!

With Sestra Dutton on the farm!

... And this is all because I have a VISION!! 


Sestra Nydegger 

MK is a gang here.  I think they want the Book of Mormon!

Tried out this Igloo!

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