Monday, December 29, 2014

Celje, Slovenia: The best is yet to be!

Dear fam... It was so amazing to see your faces and talk with you this past week! It was a very wonderful Christmas present and I am grateful for you and your influences and examples. WELL.. this week was a week of the strangest weather here in Slovenia!!! The beginning of the week started off unusually warm.. I did not even need to wear my coat on Tuesday. And then there were the MOST beautiful sunsets... I love how the skies here in Slovenia are so long..

The next day it was SO WINDY.. I have never been in such fierce wind! We were visiting an inactive about 50 minutes away from Celje.. And as we were walking up the hills to get to her house, the wind was intensely blowing Sestra Cuthbert and me- which was a STRUGGLE but we ended up laughing and enjoying it!

And now it is snowing, snowing and snowing!!! Slovenia is so beautiful in the snow.. And it makes the cold a lot more enjoyable and endurable when there is pretty snow :) It also makes for good contacting, because people can always use extra help shoveling!

For Christmas Eve we went around and delivered little food baskets and caroled for the people in our branch. It took us almost 6 hours but was a lot of fun and helped us feel more of the Christmas spirit that comes from giving. We then got permission to stay out late and go to midnight mass!!! We were very tired but thought when again would we have the opportunity to go to midnight mass in Slovenia, so we said "Zakaj pa ne!!" and went. It was really hard to understand because it was mixed Slovene with singing and mumbling words.. but was a neat experience! We slept in Christmas morning until 8 and then went to the Lamberts for skyping and for breakfast.

The last few days have been busy with contacting and trying to find new people.. We are really trying to find ONE progressing investigator before this transfers is over. We have made new goals and are working really hard to find one. 

This man always listens to me!

Speaking of goals.. HAPPY 2015!!! New years has always been one of my favorite times because it is a time for a new start and to work on being better!! One thing PMG really focuses on for missionaries is the importance of setting goals. Goals are so important because they reflect the desires of our heart! And goals help us have a vision of what we want to accomplish. There is a quote in PMG that says "Through goals and plans, our hopes are transformed into action." Goals are an act of faith and through goals we can show God that we have faith for a brighter future!! I think one of the greatest messages of hope that we have is how we have a loving Heavenly Father who will help us according to our desires. In Alma 29:4 we read "For I know that the Lord granteth unto men according to their desire." When we have worthy desires and tasks that we want to accomplish, through the Lord we can accomplish them! We can reach that potential with the Lord's help!

A great example of this is in Ether chapter 6. This is when the people took barges across the ocean to get to the promised land. In verse 4, it says that the people prepared all the manner of food for themselves and their animals... And then commended themselves to the Lord. They had the desires and did their part, and then asked the Lord for help. Through their goals and faith, the Lord helped them. The Lord caused that there would be mighty winds that would help push them and blow them! And then when their barges would start to sink, the Lord would bring them back up to the surface. They prayed to God the whole time, and eventually made it to the Promised Land!! Because they had faith and asked for help along the way, the Lord helped them. He will grant us according to our righteous desires!!

So as we all make goals this week, we should ask the Lord for help to accomplish them. I know that he will help us. And remember that the future is bright!! Look forward and find joy in the journey. Find reasons to be happy!! Be kind to everyone around you. Smile and hold the door for someone! Apologize more.. Forgive someone who has harmed you.. Speak kinder about those around you. Laugh more and smile more! Express your gratitude and tell people you love them. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we have a bright future. God doesn't care nearly as much about our past and our mistakes as He does about where we are and who we are- and with His help, where we can go. That is the miracle of the gospel of Jesus Christ.. Through faith and repentance we can have a new start and become a little better- to ultimately become the person Christ wants us to be!

LOVE... Sestra Najdeger :)

Thanks for the Christmas pajamas mom!

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