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It has been a long week, but I am so happy here. I love being a missionary. Thank you MOM for the package of cookies and JOE for the hand written letter. I hope all is well at home.. you are all in my prayers - always... I love being a missionary.. It is the greatest thing! I love waking up every morning and putting on my nametag. I love that it has my family's name on it, and also our Savior. Two of the most important things in this life. And I love that I get to represent them both each and everyday. So I am a SOLO missionary, which means I am currently the only sister learning Slovene in the MTC. My companion is Sister Hassell who is also a solo missionary. She is learning Bulgarian. We get a long very nicely, and she is always so uplifting and inspiring. We wake up at 5:55 and work out in the morning and have a lot of fun together! I am grateful for a wonderful companion. It is just the two of us in a room, with three sets of bunk beds. So we have a lot of space!! Some of the other rooms are filled with 4-6 sisters! We are very blessed :) Our zone consists of the Polish, Slovenes, Bulgarians, Czechs, Croatian, and a few other little ones. 

With companion Sister Hassell (green) and a trio.

I was able to see Elder Mitch Wilson every day for about five days. It was so happy to see family and to share the love that we have for missionary work together. Sister Whitney Back got here yesterday - and we run into each other all the time. She is doing well and also loving the missionary life. They are moving the west campus missionaries back up to the main MTC this next week! So I have seen Hermana Paige Simpson and that means I will see Anika a lot when she comes. I see my friends from the 106th Ward all over the place. It makes me so happy!! I love it here! 

With Elder Wilson

With Sister Back

Slovene is the craziest language. I do not even know how to start trying to describe it to you. I have finally learning how to pronounce the alphabet the right way, which means I can read it. But the cases and the sentence structure is crazy! I honestly do not think I will ever learn this language. I keep trying to speak it and spanish keeps coming out. I am trying my best to love it and to love learning it. It is so different just having myself and one other Elder learning the language, but there are pros to it as well. Everyone always told me that the first day you enter the MTC it will be crazy because they will only speak your language to you.. but no one ever told me that they will NEVER speak any English to you. Let's just say I have become very good at charades :) Our branch president challenged us to find a miracle in everyday. And it has been the greatest thing to do! I challenge you all to try it, because it makes your day so much better- and you see the hand of the Lord in your life, more than you could imagine. Being a solo missionary with one other elder is sometimes difficult, because it is very easy to compare yourself to each other. Which in PMG we learn that that is so important to not do!! I try to remind myself that each and every day. On Friday, I had to teach an investigator in Slovene, (by myself because I don't have a Slovene companion..) and it was very hard. I could understand him vaguely, but it was a struggle for me because I couldn't say anything that I wanted to say. I was feeling a little bummed after and feeling a little discouraged - especially when I heard that the other Slovene elder thought his went really well. I went into my room that night and read my scriptures and said my personal prayers. I then got into bed, and Sister Russell (going to Slovakia) came in to check on us and how we were doing. My companion and I both said we were doing great!! And then she went on to tell us how her first few days were rough, but that this quote meant so much to her... 


That was my tender mercy for the day. I realized that I was so happy being a missionary and learning, but as soon as I compared myself to those around me.. I became upset with myself. I was grateful to hear that quote because it has helped me out a lot on the rough days. One thing I have learned this first week being a missionary is that part of this developmental process on Earth, is showing our weaknesses unto Christ. And if we are submissive and have hope, with His help we can make those weaknesses, STRENGTHS. I bore my testimony on Sunday about that, and explained how sometimes it is hard because we just see weakness after weakness. And I explained how it is difficult when we don't see any of our strengths that we thought we have. But then I explained that it is because Christ doesn't need our strengths right now. He needs our weaknesses- to teach us humility, so that they can one day become strengths. I know that to be true. Ether 12:27

A scripture I have come to love this week is 1 Nephi 9:6. "But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men: For behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of his words." I know that the Lord calls us to our respective missions for a reason. He has known us since before this life and he knows EXACTLY what mission call we needed, to become the type of person He wants us to become. Even though learning a new language is hard, like this scripture says, Heavenly Father always provides us a way to accomplish the worthy tasks we have been given. I know that with the Lord we CANNOT and WILL NOT fail. 

One of my favorite parts of being a missionary is seeing the Lord's hand in my life each and everyday. The spirit at the MTC is powerful. I tear up in almost every song we sing because of the power and the truthfulness that I feel. I am so grateful for this time to be a missionary!! In every prayer I say, I say that I am so grateful to be here, right now, as a missionary for the church. I feel so lucky to be apart of this work. I am learning so much about myself and about my desires!! I have already changed so much in this first week, that I cannot even imagine how changed I will be in 18 months! I love being a missionary. I am so happy. Going to the temple today was so wonderful. I love the sweet spirit that is felt there. What was so amazing though was walking back to the MTC and that spirit not leaving. The MTC is amazing!!! 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Thank you for the support and loving me. I feel your prayers each and everyday! 

Love, Sestra Nydegger 

Saying goodbye to Katie - Sister Nydegger!

She couldn't stop smiling - she was excited the time was here!

Good friend - Luke Barton 

Sestra Allred - going to Croatia 

My companion and I both LOVE to work out!!!!! We go running at 5:55 each morning 

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