Friday, October 24, 2014

MTC: This little light of mine!

Zdravo mvoj druzine!!

To start off... I am so grateful to be in Provo during the fall.. The leaves and the mountains here are beautiful. I think it is what is keeping me sane when I feel like exploding because of this language. But anyway - I love fall weather. I don't know what it has been like for everyone wherever you may be, but this week had the most beautiful sunrises. Whenever I see God's beautiful creations, I feel so much love. I love how in the Bible we learn that WE are God's greatest creation. Whenever I see the fall leaves, mountains, or the earthy beauty around me, it makes me smile to think that those creations aren't even close to his most amazing creations- US. I think that shows just how special we are to our loving heavenly father :) YOU are his greatest creation! 

This week we had inspiring devotionals. I felt like each of them were specifically just for me. On Sunday, the speaker talked about how God does not want us to fail. He asked us the question... "Who do thoughts of discouragement come from? Is it from a LOVING, kind, and genuine Heavenly Father?" Clearly, no. It comes from someone who wants us to fail... who wants us to see our weaknesses and feel sad. He went on to say, every time we vocalize our weaknesses... it is vocalizing them to Satan... it is giving him the power to have strength over us and know our concerns. I walked out of that devotional with knowledge of things that I must improve on. One of those things is my attitude. Sometimes when I walk to class, I dread going... I am often vocalizing that I don't want to go teach a lesson all by myself... or I say "this language is so hard!" - or other things along those lines. I have realized that because I was doing that, those certain things happened to be harder that day. So I have made a goal to only speak positively about Slovene. I am no longer going to complain about it, because that is giving the person who wants me to fail and feel discouraged, power. And amazingly enough, I have seen the biggest difference this past week. On Monday I understood Slovene so well... I was able to go into all four of my lessons this week without notes and speak Slovene according to the spirit... Or when I couldn't understand something perfectly, I was able to be patient with myself and just laugh about it. Those thoughts of discouragement were gone! The Lord truly works miracles if we trust in him. 

Speaking about language... Here are some funny stories for all of you to laugh with me about... I told my investigator Ivan, that God sent us to this 'apple' so that we may live. (zemlia is either apple or earth... to be honest I still don't know the difference... They are very close words. One day!) I told my investigator Bostjan, that I know I am feeling the Holy Ghost because it gives me a cold and chilly feeling in my heart... For some reason I thought warm was "hvlado", but nope... Whoops. I am learning though, and I love it!!! On Wednesday we had two teachers come to class at the same time, so they decided to do a new activity. I was teaching Brat Mills, and Elder Hughes was teaching Brat Johnson. This activity was not for learning how to be a more effective teacher, but more to focus on our language. Because there are so many cases and conjugations in Slovene, they wanted us to speak PERFECT sentences to them, while teaching about the restoration. But if we messed up a word and did the wrong case, they would hold their breath until we got the right conjugation. YIKES. Very first question I asked him, was "Do you believe in God?" And instantly he started holding his breath... I laughed and then started feeling a little worried, seeing that he really was holding his breath, and I had no idea what I did wrong! I started blurting out different cases for the word 'to believe'. It was the funniest, yet most stressful activity- seeing that I killed my investigator twice because he couldn't hold his breath any longer... Four different times... Oh dear. After we were talking about it and laughing about what just happened, Brat Mills laughed and said "I am pretty sure that game was going to make Sestra Nydegger pass out before me!!" It was STRESSFUL!!! .... 

On the Tuesday devotional we talked about the meaning of the scripture, "Let your light so shine." Matthew 5:18. We all have the power, missionaries or not, to change the world when we open our mouths and SHINE. Our speaker told us how on his mission he had a companion who could not speak the language and all he would do is SMILE. And although he couldn't communicate, he still touched the people's heart by letting his light shine. He then went on and said, "Whatever you have... let it shine. If it's all you got, let it shine. Maybe your light is your smile... your voice... your laugh... the way you communicate with others... Whatever it is, let it SHINE." I loved that. I know that as disciples of Christ, we all have the ability to share His light with those around us. We just need to let it shine. Language might be hard for me, but I have a smile with the light of Christ in it and I can share that with others! The Lord will take care of the rest. 

I love you all!! Have a happy week! 

Thanks to whoever sent me these cupcakes!!!!!! 

Sister Morgan - good friend from freshman year 
Love, Sestra Nydegger

With Hermana Van Boerum on her first day!

My teacher puts this flag on me and when it is on, I cannot say a word in english ... 
With Whitney Back at temple again.

With new room-mates.

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