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MTC: Be a Little Better...


My real companion.... It is just the two of us in the classroom.. 


Watching conference in the MTC was one of the greatest experiences! It was so amazing to watch it without phones, talking, food... and all those other distractions. We watched it with the whole MTC. It was incredible to see how questions truly do get answered. I am grateful for the power of modern day revelation. How exciting is it that there are currently 88,340 missionaries currently serving? We received that exact number that night, after statistics were finalized for the week. That is apparently the most the church has ever had out. I am so happy to be apart of that number with my sister Emily and apart of the work of salvation. Some of the talks I really enjoyed in conference were the following...

I love how President Boyd K Packer said that Christ is the way... the ONLY way. I love how he continued on to say, "What difference can I do?? I am only one person." He then compared it to Joseph Smith and how he too was just one boy... but look at what he did. Without Joseph Smith we would not have this gospel here today. I know that there is something we can always do to add to the contribution of goodness in this world. We just need to search for it. That reminds me of Elder Neil L. Anderson's talk about testimony and the Prophet Joseph. It really made me start to ponder when he said "You will not be able to help others, unless you have a strong testimony yourself."  I have made it a goal to work even harder for a stronger testimony of the principles and doctrines I will teach as a missionary. I loved how he said, "No force in the entire world can stop the work of God.. Go forward with COURAGE." This is the Lord's work, and with him we will not fail.  I also loved Elder Klebingat who asked us how we would respond if we were to have an interview with Christ right now. How would we feel? It made me think of the primary song, "If the Savior stood beside me... would I say the things I say? Would I do the things I do?" I could go on and on about conference...BUT I do not have time.. I love the opportunity we have to hear from our prophets, and be spiritually fed for the next six months.

This week I got a letter and cupcake from a friend... She said everything that I needed to hear.  She said "I want you to know how proud your Heavenly Father is of you.. He cares so much for his missionaries. He wants this to be an empowering, fun, spiritual, and wonderful experience. He doesn't want you to feel scared or stressed. Just be patient with yourself- you have ETERNITY to become your full potential. Just give your best each day and that is enough."  I loved that ending part. It reminded me of the theme I got out of this recent conference. President Monson concluded by saying, "Just be a little better each and everyday." I know that sometimes tasks we are given may seem hard. But if we just try each and everyday to become a little better, our Heavenly Father will be proud of us. Whether it is learning just one more word in Slovene each day, or doing one act of kindness to be kinder to those around you, or smiling to just one person to make them feel better about themselves, or being just a little more patient with yourself.. We just need to give our best to try a little better each and everyday. I know that if we do that, we will see blessings.

Slovene is coming... slowly....  Last night while I was teaching my investigator Bostjan about prayer, I felt prompted to share with him the restoration and talk about prayer. I started teaching in my best ability the restoration, and decided to have him read James 1:5. Slight problem though- I had not found it while I was preparing for my lesson and had to find it in the lesson. The Slovene bible though has completely different names because they don't have the same version as us. (I don't really get it?) ANYWAY.. I knew that James in Slovene looked something like the word "Jane". So when I found what I thought was James, we read it. I looked at him. Smiled. And kept teaching. Turns out it wasn't, and instead of him reading James 1:5, I accidentally had him read a scripture in John about polygamy. Ugh. I then went on to say that the Lord will answer our prayers if we just asked... He looked at me in a confused way, but I just figured it was something with my Slovene- so I continued on with my lesson! Once I finished my lesson, he told me what I said in English... And let's just say we definitely had a good laugh last night!! Sometimes I really wish I had a companion teaching with me.. I feel dumb a lot of the time - but I guess that is why we are to learn humility right?
All of the "SOLO" missionaries in my Zone, we are such good friends.

My MTC District

This week I was reading in Exodus 4... verses 10-12 really stuck out to me. It is when the Lord is talking with Moses. Moses had recently said that he was worried to lead the people because he was slow of speech. The Lord responds and says, "Who hath made thy mouth... Have not I the Lord?" Then so simply but powerfully he states, "Now therefore go, and I will be thy mouth." I loved that. Moses was a man who performed one of the most amazing miracles in this world- parting the Red Sea. But I love how he too once felt scared and inadequate, but that the Lord said, "Moses.. I have made thy mouth.. now go ahead, and I will do the rest." I know that the Lord will do the same for us today. He can give us the strength to do AMAZING miracles.. things that may seem impossible at the time. With him we can do hard things, and ALL things. 

Vem da je Jezus Kristus odresink
Vem da je Mormonova Knjiga resnicena
Vem da je evangelij Jezus Kristusa ljubeci
To znanje me pomaga vsak dan
En pomoga imeti upananje

I am grateful for this gospel in my life. It gives me so much happiness, hope, and joy. I love being a missionary and I love learning more about this gospel, myself, and the love that my Savior has for me each and everyday. Have a happy week everyone!!! Try a little harder, to be just a little better 

Love, Sister Nydegger 


With Olympus Sisters Simpson and Back

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