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Mail from Lily!
 HELLO ALL.. This has been a busy, crazy, exciting, amazing, and spiritual week. I love being a missionary and I am very happy here. Thank you to Lily and Nana for sending me letters this week. They both put a smile on my face! I miss  you and love you both. And thank you SO much to Rea Ihkre (my BYU roommate's Mom) for sending me a little package! That was such a surprise and I felt so loved. THANK YOU. 

They are doing a lot of construction at the MTC right now, because they are trying to move all of West Campus up to this main campus.. and because of that, my building was the building that had to move to a new building. So today we had to repack everything, and move across campus to a different building. I am happy though because I am now in the same building as Souer Back!! BUT I no longer get to be selfish with Sister Hassell, because we are now in a room with 4 other sisters! So we have six in our room, and it is TIGHT! But we are all good friends and love each other, so we will have fun. We are with four sisters going to Croatia.
At the temple with Souer Back

Last Friday I got called in to President Melville's office, and got called as the Sister Training Leader - so that is fun. It has been quite a busy week though because all of the older sisters and elders left this week.. And because of flights, visa problems, and other things, I had to get up in the middle of the night, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and help some of the sisters get to the bus, and then to the airport! It has been a blessing though because I haven't felt more tired than usual.. I am doing well! It was sad saying bye to the Pols, Czechs, Slovaks, and Bulgarians. There were about 25 of them who left. They were all so loving and kind to us and we truly became a zone family! We now are trying to do that with the new elders and sisters that came in yesterday. We received 29 new ones yesterday!! Last night the ZLs and STLs were in charge of an orientation and it went very well. I was able to bare my testimony to them in Slovene - which I still feel like I just sound like a minion off of despicable me.. but sometimes I feel the spirit when I speak it. 

With the sisters going to Croatia and Bulgaria

This week I had some discouraging lessons with my investigators. I have been teaching Bostjan, an atheist about God, faith, and prayer. It took me about four lessons with him and then he FINALLY committed to pray. I was so excited!! When I went back the next day and asked him how it went, he spoke really fast Slovene and I couldn't pick out any of the words he was saying. I asked him to write it down for me, because I couldn't understand it. I went on to teach my lesson and once I finished and got back to my classroom, I used a dictionary and found out that he told me, "Sister, I am not going to pray and pretend like something is there when it is not. I see no point." I felt heart broken and so sad. I also felt dumb that I continued on with my lesson when I realized he said that! It did not help when Elder Hughes came back from his lesson and said it went wonderfully. Then the next day I was teaching Ivan, my catholic investigator and had a really great lesson about the restoration and the difference between our church and the catholic church. When I asked him when I could come back again, he told me that he no longer wanted my lessons anymore and that he didn't see a difference between our churches. That was hard to hear and I didn't know how to respond in Slovene... And more than anything I was confused!! I said told him that I would really love to come back one more time just to have one more lesson, and he said that he would be okay with that. I am hoping that I can have a better lesson with him on Saturday and that he will let me come back more! 

(Our investigators are our teachers acting, by the way...) And when we got back to class, I think my teachers could tell I was confused to what just happened. Neither of the investigators had said anything along those lines to Elder Hughes, so I was really confused why they did it to me. My teacher pulled me outside and spoke to me in English (finally- YAY!) And ask me if I was doing okay. I told him that I was, and he told me that they are working hard in my lessons because they want me to grow. He said that he sees where my strengths are, and wants to make it harder for me, so that those strengths can become even stronger. I was reminded of the famous Emily Ripp quote, "You have to stretch to grow!" I put a smile on my face, and said thank you, and realized that I can work harder and become even better. 

Our Tuesday night devotional was one of my tender mercies for the week. The opening hymn was "Come, Come, Ye Saints." We were singing all of the verses and I got teary when I sung the line that says..

"Why should we morn.. and think our lot is hard, tis' not so, ALL IS WELL." 

It almost felt like a slap in the face to me for feeling sorry for myself. I was feeling a little sad because my lesson didn't go well, when I should have realized how much I have to be grateful for- because all is well. I am grateful that the Lord trusts me and gives me strength with my mission.. I am grateful for a supportive family who is active in the church. I am grateful to have the means to be here on a mission. I am grateful that the Lord is helping me communicate in this language. ALL IS TRULY WELL. We are all so blessed. Yesterday we had the opportunity to be hosts, and on Tuesday I had an international girl with me the whole day. She had just arrived from the Marshall Islands and is going to Washington on her mission. I tried to communicate with her to my best ability, and learned that she was the only member in her whole family.. and was paying for all of her mission. She was shy, but expressed to me how happy she was to finally be here. The missionaries found her a year and a half ago. I once again told myself, ALL IS WELL - there is so much to be thankful for. 

I am thankful for a Savior who knows me and has a plan for me. I know that with him, we will not fail. We can do all things! I am grateful for a loving family and for the support I feel from them daily. And I am SO grateful to be a missionary. I love it here. I am so happy and I love the growing and refining I am going through each and everyday! I truly would not want to be anywhere else. I love you all and hope everyone is happy! Have a wonderful week- you are in my prayers. 

ME :) Sister Nydegger 

Katie the Artist

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